Gift Ideas for One-year-old B-day(has a Lot, Lives in Small Space)

Updated on September 12, 2011
L.T. asks from Houston, TX
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Hi! My neice is turning one this weekend and I have no idea what to send her for a b-day gift! They live in a smallish home in the Boston area and she has a big sister who is a little less than two years older than her so she wears a lot of hand me downs and plays with toys from her. They have minimal storage so I don't want to get anything too big and I'm never sure on choosing clothes (although I do love buying little girl clothes now that mine is older!). Any other ideas of something I can get her? I'd thought about contributing $$ towards a kids music or gym-type class but I'm not sure about that. Our budget doesn't allow for me to give $$ for a whole session or membership to a museum, etc. Thanks for your help!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I think I am going to go with a subscription to a baby/toddler magazine like Zoobies or Animal Baby or possibly gift of a trip to the local zoo, children's museum, etc. My kids loved (and still do) the kids magazines and getting mail each month. Of course a 1-year-old won't "get" that as much but we did really enjoy the magazines. Kind of like a book that keeps on giving.

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answers from Washington DC on

Books. Her own magazine subscription. Mabel's Labels for her gear vs her sister's. A plate, bowl, cup and utensils set just for her. Her own little backpack with books or chunky art supplies in it. A baby doll.

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answers from San Antonio on

My favorite 1yr old gift is the fridge DJ. If they still sale it, I bought it at Target. It's small, educational, & hrs of entertainment.

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answers from Chicago on

i love the piggy banks from nordstroms. they are in the infant section of the store. there are 2 sizes, and they personalize them for free. i usually give those for first birthdays,



answers from College Station on

A savings bond, gift cards to the bookstore, stuff like that. As a one year old, she still doesn't get the whole birthday thing.



answers from Victoria on

books are always great. we have a couple friends who give us books for both our kids. they sign the front with happy first,second or what ever year. we also have a savings account for both our kids and while your amount might not pay for a class the other money she gets might add up to the cost of a class. we had a joint party for our kids and they each got 75 dollars! Mostly close friends and family. But we even got some cards in the mail from great aunts! They dont need an entire membership to a museum but money for the gift shop or towards tickets to the museum, zoo, movies or another activity will be very nice.

*added after reading the suggestion of a pillow case. growing up i had a pillow case with iron ons and patches of different characters. i LOVED it..i still have it. its a different gift that she would love. just the case you dont have to buy the entire pillow although its lightweight and could ship enexpinsively.



answers from Houston on

I suggest giving as much as you can towards a college fund.

I encourage my family to give towards my kid's college fund. My children get so many toys that they do not know the difference.



answers from Killeen on

If you haven't already purchased something, what about a nice piece of jewelry? Maybe with her initial? Things remembered has some necklaces that you can engrave and you can buy them online. It would be something very small but would cherish forever! My little girl is about to turn one and her big sister just turned 3 so I understand your situation first hand!! So in my opinion something sentimental would be a perfect idea. What girl wouldn't love jewelry? Not right now but will eventually! And minimal storage space! PS we have 2 book shelves full of books so I don't even really want books for mine!



answers from Houston on

Definitely clothes!!! at 1 they are more interested in the wrapping paper anyway. I'm sure her parents will appreciate the clothes!


answers from Austin on

Books, especially published this year.. Soon children's books will be a thing of the past.. I know it sounds wild,, but with electronic books, the paper hardbound books will be very special, especially if it hand was chosen by a beloved Aunt,



answers from Pittsburgh on

Books! Books! And there's always BOOKS!



answers from Seattle on

Giant jingle bells. The really huge ones that are about an inch across are not choking hazards and are very popular with the little ones. Bubbles are nice too.



answers from Detroit on

Well, a hand made hat/mittens for the winter (found on etsy?)... It gets cold in Boston!!



answers from Houston on

If it were me, I would love to get a gift certificate to a portrait studio to get first birthday pictures taken. I like the picture people, they always take good pictures. You can send the gift certificate with a pretty picture frame, a cute outfit (gymboree has cute 1st birthday cloths) or a book.



answers from Kansas City on

I second books! I always tell people she doesnt need anything, but we always welcome books.



answers from San Antonio on

books books books. also i agree w/ posters here that a photo gift cert is a great idea. we are not picture people, and i would have LOVED to have rec'd that. my g'friend got a membership at jcpenny photo place or something and she says it makes them use it to get photos done. If you can, give a savings bond, donate to a charity in the child's name and write a nice note in the child's bday card to tell them, or just write a letter about how much she means to you, that can be put away and read later, or scrapbooked, etc. does she have a college fund? put what you'd spend on a gift in that (parents can help w/ account info). I would much rather have $$ in their college fund than another noisy toy that was bought just to give her something to open. good luck!



answers from Honolulu on

try something from
Lots of cute things.

Or, for great photo gifts and their pillow case is real cute. And useful.



answers from Albuquerque on

Bath toys. My twins just turned 1, and they got boatloads of toys, books, & clothes...and yes you can have too many books. I have a 1300sq foot home and I have 5 bookcases stuffed full of kids books.Not to metion the ones in boxes still in the garage. I have books coming out of my ears! The one thing that my kids didnt have but didnt get was bath toys.


answers from San Antonio on

How about a one-time entry to the local children's museum

or if you're not sure on size, get something like bows or hair things or a simple book - a book doesn't take up too much room. Stickers are fun too!

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