Gift Ideas for My Husband's 41St Birthday

Updated on April 05, 2011
K.P. asks from Philadelphia, PA
9 answers

Can anyone suggest some creative gift ideas for the husband who has an expensive taste and won't say it but who wants that special, unique gift from me? He's an avid golfer, likes the good things in life. Oh, and as the SAHM/wife, I don't get paid very well :) so I need to be creative. Thanks everyone!

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answers from Nashville on

golf lessons (my husband likes to learn the new and professional ways to play)
a night away at a hotel
goft pkg gift certificate
a new golf club that he might need
a new golf bag
some golf shirts
golf magazine subscription
Does he like to grill? my husband loves to cook. I have gotten him cookbooks, a smoker to attach to his grill, a grilling set, cedar planks to grill on, spices for grilling, etc
you can invite a few of his closest friends and their wives over for a cookout. Get some wine or his favorite drink, his favorite food, sit outside and just enjoy good food and good friends. You can buy him a firepit for outside to enjoy with the friends. My husband loves to sit outside by a firepit in the night air.
does he like camping? There are many things you can buy or even a weekend getaway.
One year I bought my husband golf lessons and a new bag and then for Christmas I bought him new clubs to go in that new bag.

Have fun!

I got my husband a TAG watch, it was pricey but I put it on layaway and went and made monthly payments. I am a SAHM too so basically HE paid for it. I had it engraved and he LOVES it.

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answers from Dallas on

Send him on a golf weekend getaway. My hubby is an avid golfer too and he gets Golf Digest mag and in there I have seen golf packages. Maybe you could talk with a couple of his close golfing buddies and see if they would want to go with him (and maybe help pay for it).

I have also given my husband a leather golf score card keeper and ball markers from Tommy Bahama. He loves it.

Good luck!


answers from Jacksonville on

Golf weekend at a coveted course.
Who does he normally golf with? (Usually they have a regular person or persons that they hit the links with). Sneak a conversation with them, and find out from them what course your DH has been dreaming of playing. Then arrange for a round of play there with his best golf bud. If it is a little bit away... arrange a weekend stay package, where you and his bud and significant other go along and you guys have a nice dinner, etc.

I did something like that for my guy's 40th, and it was a TOTAL SURPRISE. HE only knew we were going somewhere over night. I packed his bag (and stashed his golf gear in the car before he noticed) and did the driving. He had no clue. Still says (3 yrs later) that it was the best birthday he's ever had. (We went to Kiawah Island, by the way). I had (as a back up plan) to give our friends a key to the house, so golf buddy could stop by on their way past our house and get his golf gear. But I was able to pack it without him knowing.



answers from Cincinnati on

Depends on what he really wants. If he likes hanging with the guys golfing, then I say geth with his golf buddys and let them take him out for a guys night out..if that was my hubby, he would probably want me to strip...ICK.
Otherwise see if there is any recommendations for a good book to buy him....maybe surrounding golf..but not sure if he is a reader. If he like family, then I suggest taking the kids and you and going to get special pictures made of you guys and buy some picture frames for him to bring to work.



answers from Harrisburg on

Get him a golf shirt, picture frame with a picture of one of his best shots and engrave it with his name on it. Nothing beats personalizing it, no matter what the cost.


answers from New York on

Tickets for a golf game.
Spa day
A secret party with his golf friends.



answers from Honolulu on

Get him a "Trophy" and personalize it with some meaningful or cute quote.
Maybe that he is the best Husband, Dad or Golfer, or whatever.
Go to somewhere where they make trophies.

Given you are a SAHM and do not get paid for that, he can't expect a first class suite in a hotel or anything that expensive, even if he has expensive tastes.



answers from Philadelphia on

He's a man. While he likes the good things in life - there are other things he likes better. ;-)

I made DH a coupon book for certain, um, activities he likes.... And ones for things like his favorite meals, and "guilt free" days off for things like golf. Coupons for days off from household chores etc.... No cost, involved knowing him and doing for him.....

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