Gift Ideas for a Man

Updated on November 22, 2010
P.H. asks from McKinney, TX
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My boyfriend is a marathon runner, loves Starbucks, and Jason's Deli. I gave him a personalized rack for his running medals for his birthday, but am having a hard time thinking of a good gift for Christmas. He has all the running clothes he needs, and I hate to give gift cards if I can think of something else. Any ideas are appreciated! Happy Thanksgiving!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Does he need a nice dress watch? A new leather wallet? A nice cashmere sweater? How about a coffee press? He will never look at coffee the same way again, not even Starbucks.

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answers from Honolulu on

Maybe just ask him, what he wants???
Then make a list....
Guys are always hard to shop for....

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answers from Dallas on

After a Marathon, a massage is the BEST! I think SpaFinders are still available at Costco for 20% off.

Men like a massage too, especially ones that run :) Go with him and make it a romantic afternoon with a couples day!!

Good Luck!

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answers from New York on

New pair of running shoes? Maybe the ones that sync-up with an ipod. An ipod pre-loaded with his favorite songs for his runs. You could also go for something totally different and plan a "date night" complete with dinner and a romantic evening out with you picking-up the tab!

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answers from Chicago on

Does he travel to different marathons? Chicago, Boston, etc...
What about picking up travel and accomodations for the next event? Or here in Chicago, we have expos a few days before the event where the athletes can get all kinds of freebies and test out new equipment. Maybe book an extra day and do that?

Or, if you're feeling particularly generous, look into helping him run in a euro marathon? I've been in both Rome and Paris during their marathons (just by coincidence) and there is nothing cooler than running through old street and seeing ancient ruins while doing what you love.

Just a few thoughts...

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answers from Rochester on

My husband is always happy to share a list (or share his wish list) with anyone short on ideas. Ask him for enough ideas in a few price ranges so he can be surprised but also get something he wants.

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answers from Norfolk on

Subscription to Runner's World or other running mag (my sis is a marathoner too and loves these mags). Garmin and some other watch companies have GPS watches that are so cool (and so expensive). They use GPS to track your pace, distance, etc but can be upwards of $300. Sports massage gift card (I know, no cards!). You can always get him some Goo, or other re-energizing gel/drink for his runs. I love Sbux and think the key chain gift cards are awesome. Maybe you could register it for him so he can get rewards w/o the work. Hope this helps!

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Does he need a new stop watch? or other running gadget?

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