Gift Ideas for a 5 Yo Girl

Updated on December 07, 2012
B.S. asks from Chicago, IL
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I need some ideas for a 5 year old girl. My budget is about $30. I know she likes dolls. I'm not sure what she already has so I want something maybe a little different to minimize the chance that she owns it already, but I don't know what little girls are interested in. Anyone with a little girl that can clue me in?

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answers from Washington DC on

Books? My DD loves I Spy, Amelia Bedelia, If you give a mouse a cookie series and Skippyjon Jones.

She also enjoys art kits and Hello Kitty.

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answers from Fort Collins on

How about something artsy? Markers, coloring book, drawing pad, paints, colored pencils, craft kit, chalk, white board and markers, etc...

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answers from New York on

a stroller for her dolls

Check with her parents to see what she may want or need.


answers from Detroit on

rolobox. they are wheels she can attach to any box. It's a green toy and she can use it to give her dollies a ride searching youtube for a link amazon sells them

Magformers are pretty sweet too. A basic set can be found for $20



answers from Washington DC on

stompees slippers
doc mcstuffins doll
strawberry shortcake



answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter is 5 and I second Lego Friends. She loves them. Also does she have an American Doll? Target has Our Generation doll accessories that will fit American Dolls. Games such as Jenga, Mancala, Operation, Zingo are fun. Dress up clothes and play jewelry. My daughter is really into music and loves Taylor Swift so maybe a CD. She also likes getting giftcards to Target or Half Price Books. Oh and clothes if she's really girly she will love tights, dresses, purses.



answers from Portland on

My granddaughter started playing with Littlest Pet Shop animals as a preschooler. She's now 12 and although she's gradually playing with them less, she is still playing with them. She imagines whole scenarios using the little plastic animals as characters.



answers from Los Angeles on

If she likes dolls, she might like a Calico Critters set. There is also some really nice Strawberry Shortcake stuff out there (and probably even more online than you can find in stores).

I have a five year old son, and he's really into board games, which are great for girls too. Right now, he's obsessed with Sorry and Uno.

I am also a Discovery Toys consultant. We have a few very fun things for kids in this age range, and most of our products are under $30. A few that I recommend most:

Playful Patterns: create different mosaics using colorful foam shapes. Perfect for helping build strong foundations for math and reading, as well as fine motor, thinking, and problem solving skills.

Games on the Go: really fun set of 50 cards, each with a different game. Types of games may include memory, trivia, word games, searching games, guessing games, and more. Great for taking in the car, to a restaurant, or anywhere else you might go!

Cast and Paint Chalk: create 24 different pieces of chalk in up to six different shapes. Includes the mold, all the plaster you need, plus paints and a paintbrush. You can even buy extra plaster if you want to be able to make more.

Race to the Treasure: a really fun board game where players work together to build a road to the treasure chest, collecting keys along the way. They have to beat the ogre to the finish line in order to win the game.

Let me know if you have any questions. You can see more toys and place your order at



answers from Columbus on

You can't go wrong with dream lights. Look for sales. My granddaughter also wants a barbie Camera. It's a Barbie doll with a real camera in her stomach. Got it but ......I just don't know. Kinda weird!



answers from Chicago on

My daughter will be 5 in March. She totally gets all the toy ads and such. But the only things she has actually asked for are dream lites-butterfly, a Cabbage Patch doll that apparently comes with some kind of bag, and some art thing that is a screen to draw on and the art shows on it. I think it is like a Light Bright flat screen I saw. you can stamp or draw with a stylus and it has different colors etc. She also likes to make things so I am getting little wood cutouts for her stocking.



answers from Chicago on

My daughter is 5 and LOVES Friends Lego.



answers from Chicago on

My 5 yo girl loves all things Tinkerbell and dressup. You can easily get her a dress her size (about $20) and the matching Tinkerbell doll (or Rosetta or Fawn,etc.) for under $10. Anything FAIRY and you're a hit. Good luck!



answers from Springfield on

cutie pop dolls are pretty cute! As are Polly pocket dolls. My 6 year old loves them both and has for a couple years. Good luck!



answers from Sacramento on

Ditto the art kit idea. Our six-year-old daughter has been really into art for a couple of years now.

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