Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old Girl

Updated on August 06, 2010
K.W. asks from Joshua, TX
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OK, this might sound simple, but it is anything but!! We are having her party Saturday and I cant decide what to buy her! She LOVES barbies, the disney princess that you can change their clothes, dolls, dress up, however, she has all this stuff and multiples of it! I wanted to get soemthing different and unique but cant think of anything. So i was wondering if you mommy's out there have any suggestions for me?? Thanks

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answers from Chicago on

My kids (4 and 6) are totally obsessed with these Pillow Pets. You can buy them online for $20 and I have seen them at Walgreens as well.

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answers from Wichita Falls on

look into the Fancy Nancy books, they are really cute especially for the girly, girls. Wal-Mart has a few.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Well this is a completely different type of thought process. I take my kids to the local assited living to visit the seniors. If she already has so much teach her to give to others. She could be generous with her time. Many of those seniors don't get any visitors.
Do you have more than one child..( I do) and they always enjoy one on one time with either my husband or myself.
Maybe the two of you could spend a day at a local amusent park or get your nails done.

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answers from Dallas on

We love the magnetic "paper dolls" kit. It's a slender metal case that snaps shut and it's about the size of a kid's book, only it's quite slim. It's great for travel, but my daughter will play with it for hours even in her room. There are three different backdrops and tons of skirts, blouses, pants, shoes and accessories that she can put in place and move as she wants. The extras stick to the other side of the kit, so you aren't losing pieces everywhere.

When you have more time to plan, try a personalized gift from I've given my daughter's friends plastic placemats for their birthdays (and my own daughter loves hers). There are notepads, name tags, luggage tags, etc. Or, does your daughter have a snuggly robe? I bought a cute one at Target and had my daughter's name monogrammed on it. She loves it! You can't manage these between now and Saturday, but maybe for another birthday you could get a personalized gift. Kids love to see their names on stuff. :)

I hope some of these ideas help.

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answers from Dallas on

The Leapfrog Tag pen and books are a must!! my 4 year old spends hours "reading" with her tag.

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answers from Dallas on

Perhaps board games that you can play together? My daughter loves the Dr. Seuss games - especially Horton Hears a Who - and Hullabaloo (sp?).

I got her a Leapster and a Leapfrog Tag over the last couple of years and she doesn't care for them. She has tons of doll-stuff, but she rarely plays with any of it so even though she told me she wanted more Barbie items, I decided to avoid going that route.

She just turned six and I took her to Toys R Us to do a walk-through to see if there was anything in particular that caught her eye since she rarely asks for anything (probably because I don't let her watch TV that has commercials!).

I ended up getting her a scooter. I want her to spend more time outdoors and she seemed focused on the scooter. They make a Radio Flyer "My First Scooter" that I think would be appropriate for a four year old.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

As others mentioned, the Pillow Pets are HUGE right now! We bought them for my boys and everyone we've had over since then has begged their parents for them. (Evidently those ads are very effective, because every kid knows the song!)

When we're shopping for girls I usually try to find something crafty, like a beading or jewelry kit or Pixos. Having never had a girl of my own to shop for, I love the *idea* of buying princess stuff, but I just never know what the girls already have, so I avoid it altogether.

Another idea might be to take her to a pottery place and let her pick out and paint her own piece. We have a place near us where pieces start at around $8 (and go much higher), and the kids love doing it.

What about books? My kids are always happy to get new ones, even though their shelves are overflowing with them.



answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Doll house:

Polly Pockets -- not original, but my four year old LOVES them.

American Girl doll with outfits where she and her doll can match. Or make clothes to fit her and a favorite doll for the same effect at a much cheaper price.

Craft activities. Beads, jewelry making kits, painting, etc.

These are great fun:

The ever-popular styling head:



answers from Honolulu on

Craft kits

Both my kids, loves things like that, too.



answers from Dallas on

I would suggets season passes to the museum, zoo, six flags etc. These can be used all year long for special play dates or even just an hour or two and most importantly they fit in your wallet!



answers from Huntsville on

Have you tried just asking her? lol My daughter is 4 1/2 and the past couple Christmases I've asked her what she wanted Santa to bring her. Then I did my best to get it for her! :)

She might have seen something on TV she wants, or something a friend has that she'd like to have too.

Like Dana said, you could take her to pick something out. You could even add to that & make it a mommy-daughter outing (or include Dad too!). Take her out to lunch (or dinner) and shopping to pick out a toy or toys within you price range. Maybe even take her to a playground or favorite playplace too. My daughter LOVES to go out. A lot of days she will ask me where we are going! She just wants to go go go! So, just going out would be a good present for my daughter too.



answers from Dallas on

They all seem to love those pillow pets you see at the mall now.



answers from Dallas on

Friends of mine got my daughter a "rock". It is a kit to make a stepping stone. We will wait a few months for her to do this, and maybe get our other kids one as well, but I loved it. Toys will get old and change, but if she has something she made, after a few years she will still have it and hopefully remember that you gave it to her. You can get them at Hobby Lobby. Or a Pillow Pet, they have the kiosks at the mall. I got my son one for his 5th birthday and he loves it, he saw the commercial and immidiatly asked for one.

Or if you want to spend a little more, go to Dixies in Arlington off Cooper by the mall and start her a charm bracelet



answers from Indianapolis on

My husband took our kids to a bead store for mother's day and had them make me two bracelets. We took them back a few weeks later (son is 4, daughter is 2) and had them make their own.

They LOVE them because they're special and unique. Of course, it's something you'd want her to be involved in.

We had to take both kids to Toys R Us and have them point out things they wanted so we could whittle them down and come-up with some good ones. Our son got a new bike this year since he'd outgrown his.

Good luck. Wish I had more advice for you.


answers from Los Angeles on

Leap Frog Tag reading system ... our daughter loves it!!



answers from Dallas on

I just bought a 4 year old a subscription to Disney Princess Magazine. My three year old has a subscription and LOVES it.



answers from Dallas on

You could start her a charm bracelet...add on charms at each gift occasion.



answers from Washington DC on

Does she have a leapster? My 4 yr old daughter loves her leapster and the games are educational aswell , teaching basic spelling and math , plus you can buy charactor games so she can have her Disney princess in that form. Also what about a scooter? My daughter also has a razor , a girly one with a bell and ribbons on the handle bars , so again pleasing to that girly girl that loves princesses and pink. Maybe subscribe her to some dance classes? You can buy some of them in blocks of 10 lessons and then get her ballet slippers and outfit as a gift to open on the day.

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