Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girl

Updated on June 21, 2012
N.R. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi Moms,
Any ideas for great gifts for 8 year old girls? Girl in question is tom boy-ish, athletic, loves art & animals. Any price range (within reason:-). What do you get for your girls this age? What have they received that they just love? Would love your ideas! Thanks!!

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answers from Chicago on

If she is athletic she might like some fun things to do outside like a soccorball and goal, a basketball, or maybe even a new bike. You could buy paints or drawing books. She might also enjoy a craft book. You could give a gift certificate to a sporting or craft store. Good luck.

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answers from Chicago on

I would also skip the Build-A-Bear. If we get another stuffed animal in this house, I may start using them for target practice. I think a lot of people feel this way....

Does she like Legos? They have Lego Friends that are geared towards girls. I always like to give books. The Mysterious Benedict Society has gotten great reviews. Harry Potter, of course. A basket of art supplies, maybe.... I think at 8 they start liking clothes more too - maybe some cool outfits from a trendy store?

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answers from Washington DC on

I have one of those (an 8 year old girl). Truthfully, ask the Mom because it will differ a lot by child. But here is what mine is into. You will see it is a diverse list. In lieu of one big gift, consider a bag foul o fsmaller activities.

Harry Potter books (book 4 starts getting too old for this age)
Rainbow Fairy books
Mad Libs
jump rope (regular or Chinese)
hula hoop
scooter (electric prefered)
any art/craft anything - now she is into mixed potions and making wands
"how to draw" books
kntting or crocheting starter kit
kindle (you can get the "cheap" one for $79)
american girl dolls and crafts to go with or ag gift card to buy doll clothes
superhero comic books (Avengers, Thundercats, Avatar)
Wii games (like "Just Dance")
camera and picture taking
microscope and slides
clothes and accessorites/gift card for clothes
gift card to a kids' cooking class
science kit (needs a parent willing to supervise)
toy microphone for singing
fashion design kit (there is a "Project Runway" line of toys)

We are very busy at our house. And I am very tired.

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answers from Austin on

One of our daughters all time favorite thing was the " twizzler" ot looks like a handlebar and hags from a rope, and the child can spin super fast....

It is amazing. We hd it in the front yard and when kids came over, that is what they wanted to play on first...

You can find them at toy stores, but I have also seen them on amazon..

Our daughter is 21 and still talks about loving the Twizzler..

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answers from Columbia on

A gift card to Hobby Lobby. They have so much cool stuff! Science kits, jewelry making supplies, pretty stuff to decorate her room...everything. :-)

I wouldn't buy anything from Build-a-bear. But I think stuffed animals are lame.



answers from Dallas on

I would ask the mom! Or are you the mom? I know we always have a hard time buying gifts for our boys and when people ask I never know what to tell them. I usually tell them money or gift cards.



answers from Chicago on

You just described my 8-year-old daughter!! She and my younger sons each has and loves their:

- Razor scooter ($30-$45 online at and in different colors)

- Nintendo DSi ($100+ depending on the color, or a DSLite is less) - if she already has a DS, you could get more game cartridges or a gift card to GameStop so she can pick out her own games

- Build-A-Bear animals (if it's about her, then I agree with the first person's recommendation about BAB - either take her there or give her a gift card - but if it's about me, I agree with the other posters since we don't need any more stuffed animals around here!).

My daughter also shares with her brothers:

- Bop-It ($15 online at Walmart - don't worry about the more expensive variations, just get the basic Bop-It, which will keep them busy for hours)

- two Zoom-O Disc Launchers ($10 each at Target, but 2-3 times the cost elsewhere). You can play one by yourself, but get at least two so that she has the option of playing "catch" when there's a second person around. My kids play with these things constantly, both outside and in the house. Who knew it could be such a huge hit?!! Now we give them as birthday party gifts.

For her upcoming 9th birthday, my daughter wants a Nook Color (I got her a refurbished one online from Barnes & Noble), more Diary of a Wimpy Kid books (her favorite series), a pet rat (uh, no!), and a visit to BAB (I'd rather get the pet rat, lol!). She's on a travel soccer team, so I'm ordering some optional uniform accessories/spirit-wear items from the team's uniform vendor, and, after a ton of research on goals (price, size, quality), I ordered a folding portable 8'x6' soccer goal for our yard from ($55 and free shipping).

What about a class (or gift certificate for a class) through her local park district? My daughter is currently in a pottery/ceramics class that she loves, and she has previously taken a drawing class and a magic class that she loved as well.

You can't go wrong with a gift card to Learning Express, if there is a store location near her. Kids LOVE that place, and they personalize things certain items free there too.

My daughter also loves going to trampoline places. Perhaps take her there or give her a gift certificate. Xtreme Trampolines has 10-punch cards for $70 that can be shared with others, so she can use it on herself or invite friends.

Hopefully this gives you a range of ideas with different price points. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

if she is into art stuff then go to Michaels and get her oil pastels, colored pencils and a pad of good drawing paper. Maybe throw a canvas in there too.



answers from Los Angeles on

My friend's daughter just turned 8 and she got some of the Lego Friends sets and seemed really happy with them.

Since she's athletic, maybe you could buy her something sports related - a new soccer ball, roller skates, jump rope, etc.

If she loves art, you can always find cool craft sets at Micahels or JoAnn or any other craft store. There are a lot of make your own jewelry sets and that sort of thing that she might like.

Is she into board games? There are so many fun games out there for kids. Some of my favorites at that age were Monopoly, Life, Clue, and many more. I still love board games!

Also, please consider checking out my Discovery Toys page. We have a lot of fun games for kids, even 8 year olds. Some of the best ones I can recommend for her age group are Wiz Kidz (my favorite!) and Number Rings. You can view all of our products at


answers from Dallas on

How about a gift card to Build-a-Bear? ALL kids love that place! Or an age-appropriate science kit or microscope would be fun.