Gift Ideas for 3 Yr Old Girl

Updated on March 01, 2011
S.X. asks from Libertyville, IL
18 answers

this is my 2nd child so we have all the puzzles, blocks, legos.... she is very girlie girl and i have a list (for her family) of things like princess crowns and such... but i feel so icky like she's just supposed to be PRETTY and that's the message.

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answers from Houston on

What's wrong with feeling pretty? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

Dress up can be so fun and increase the creative play and imagination, as well as self-esteem. Why not add some things to her dress up box like cowgirl boots/hat, vet lab coat and stethoscope, mask and superhero cape... that way she has a nice range of fun dress ups, that isn't just all about princesses.

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answers from Lansing on

I was going to suggest Fisher Price's Little People...but Shaun beat me to it :)

They are actually fun to play with. I play with them with my daughter :)

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answers from Houston on

a tent kids that age love tents or a doll house

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answers from Raleigh on

Books, washable markers, coloring books and Little People! :)

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answers from Cumberland on

Buy lots of books-and maybe a tennis racquet.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

I got my daughter a ton of Little People stuff when she was 3. There's a house that makes noises, a castle that comes with 2 princesses and a prince and a TON of other accessories. She's 4 and still plays with them as do all of her older cousins.

I think some girls just like to be girly. Just because she's a pretty pink princess NOW doesn't mean that's what she's always going to want to be. In a year she might decide that rolling around in the dirt is the best thing in the world! The best thing you can do for her is to foster the concept that she can be anything she wants to be. There's no limitations! Make sure that you're praising her for how smart she is too.

We, as parents, put A LOT of pressure on ourselves. We have this notion that girls dressing at Princesses at 3 is going to make them think that beauty is all that matters. We think that the boy that likes to wear "girl" things or play with "girly" toys is going to be gay. That's just not true! It's how you treat them as they grow that matters, not that she wants to be pink and sparkly for her birthday. :)

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answers from Austin on

i have two girls and my oldest (who is now 5) was always into both genders' toys; from dinosaurs to action figures to my little ponies to pretend kitchen stuff. It was across the board!

but something that works for kids no matter what, is CRAFTS.
anything craft-related. When she was 3 I began getting her stamps and she has LOVED them since. Then we went to Hobby Lobby and began getting packages of blank bi-fold note cards that she turns into cards to send to family/friends and she uses her stamps and markers to make wonderful little letters and pictures. glitter and stickers always win out as well!

keeps them busy, keeps their minds engaged, promoted creativity and in the end you always get a gift back!

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answers from Topeka on

Bicycle 12"~Scooter with 3 wheels~My Little Ponies~Baby Dolls,stroller,bath tub,bottles,play pen~Doll House~Barbie dolls minus Ken~Coloring books,washable markers,Play-Doh with acc.~CD Player for her room with CD's~craft items for kids~Spring/summer clothes/shoes (buy big for when the season finally comes)Play Kitchen with acc.~Medical Kit~Musical Instruments~Out door toys~really I can go on & on but there is really endless items out there for her.
My lil 4 yr old gal is a girlie & tom boy in 1 she can wear a tutu,ball hat,& red cowboy boots with her pink playgun & holster as an out fit.Kids gotta love them & roll with the flow let her be a girlie girl it's not what it all is just to you ma

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answers from Bloomington on

How about movies? I suggested classic Disney movies for Christmas.

Craft kits
Clothes (if she needs them)
Toddler board games
$ for her bank account

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answers from Detroit on

Why not a doctor's kit or even a toy tool box? An electronic drum pad might be fun, too.

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answers from Chicago on

For Christmas my best friend made my 3-year-old her very own craft box. Bin with lid with her name on it filled with paper, markers, crayons, scissors, coloring book, stickers, etc. She loves it.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Great game for age 3.
(And NO tiaras or glitter involved!)



answers from Minneapolis on

What about something outside the box....literally. What about dance or gymnastics classes? A trip to a children's museum, a trip to a salon (just took my 3 year old to have her nails painted for MY birthday and she LOVED it), a special mommy date with lunch and shopping, or a trip to a bounce house/amusement park. Not sure what you have around you.
Have fun!



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi S.,
It can be hard to get around all the princess stuff at this age! Sometimes if you offer other things for pretend play, they can incorporate it into their princess life - a toy kitchen, a puppet theater, etc. Since kids learn so much while playing, any opportunity for make believe will be great for her, even if she's wearing princess clothes when she does it!

I also would love to recommend Discovery Toys. They are fun and educational, and they all come with a lifetime warranty. I have a three year old son at home and he loves playing with the different toys I have. You can view all of them at Below are a few of my favorites:

1. Playtown Series (Pet Hospital, School & Restaurant - sold separately or as a set) - (this link is just for the school but you can see them all in the "preschool" section)

2. Princess and the Dragon Collection (book + CD, puppet, game - sold separately or as a set) - (it's a really cute book and teaches a lot about manners and emotions - the game is fun)

3. Short Vowel Fun (it's like Uno, but with simple words) -

4. Playful Patterns (makes great mosaics - includes increasingly difficult templates) -

5. Zingo (a really fun bingo game) -

6. It's a Match! (matching game - helps teach pre-reading and pre-math skills, also great for travel, car, and restaurants) -

Anyway, all prices are effective only through Monday, 2/28. On March 1, there will a be a new catalog with new toys and some price increases on existing toys. Some of the things in the current catalog won't be available after the 28th (though everything I listed above will still be available).

Happy birthday to your daughter!!


answers from Detroit on

Zingo is a GREAT game for a 3 year old....our daughter got it for her 3rd b-day and LOVES it. Can play alone ar we can play as a family.



answers from Las Vegas on

If it makes you feel any better, the whole Disney Princess thing is usually just a phase with toddler and pre-k girls. If your daughter has older brothers around and if you are more the practical sort of mom who emphasizes character, talent and smarts instead of looks, she's more likely to be more influenced by those values as she gets older.

I know that for my daughter, her interest in princess stuff waned when she was in kindergarten and, although she will probably always take pride in how she looks, she's growing up to have a lot more substance than one would think that she would when she was 3 and surrounding by tiaras, taffetta gowns and tiny plastic shoes.

I wouldn't worry about your daughter growing up to be superficial and vain if I were you. I'm sure that you are more of an influence for her than any cartoon can ever be.


answers from Detroit on

Our favorite present is a fun box filled with small denomination gift cards (usually $10 ea) for places to be and things to do.

Chuck E Cheese (for when the kids just need to go out)
Barnes and Nobles (for a visit and a book)
Jo-Ann/Michaels (for impromptu craft days)
Dunkin/Starbucks (for hot cocoa and a treat)
Local paint a pottery



answers from San Diego on

Bedaroo's are a fun craft and my kids loved their little grocery cart with fake food. We made picture lists and set the Family Room up as a store and she would get the things on her list. They have some cute foods that velcrotogether and come with a play knife so they can pretend cut. A little mini kitchen set might be fun. there are some crazy expensive ones out there but I got a cute little one for like 15 bucks from it's a fun catalog company.

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