Gift Ideas for 2Yo Girl

Updated on April 15, 2010
M.K. asks from DPO, AA
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I live overseas in a country with no toy stores so I do most of my shopping online. We have a niece who is having her second birthday at the end of the month and we are of course going to send her a gift. My dilema is that I have no idea what to get her I'm one of those people who has a very hard time shopping online. I like to see it before I buy it. I'm always on amazon looking at the reviews but I still find it hard. Is there something your daughter loves that would be appropiate for a 2yo? I have asked my SIL but she hasn't sent me any ideas so I thought you ladies might help me out a bit. Thanks so much!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the ideas everyone. Of course I'll check with my SIL to make sure whatever we send is ok with her. I always add on a book or two I know how important it is for kids to like books. I appreciate the ideas it's so hard because I have no idea what's popular now. Thanks

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My 2 year old loves Dora. Dora coloring books, board books, etc. would probably be appreciated, as well as maybe a cute outfit. Also wooden puzzles and games from melissa and doug are GREAT!!! Really good quality stuff! My daughter loves them!

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How much do you have to spend? ... Because if it's in the 50-75 range... this is THE BEST toddler-adult toy ever. I'm dead serious, they've replaced bike in our neighborhood. The toddlers scooch on them, the bigger kids race on them, and the adults careen around on them laughing at ourselves. They're "officially" call the "PlasmaCar"... but we call them the "Scoochers".

At around age 3 we started requiring helmets. They ride as well indoors or out (the wheels can be replaced with rollerblade wheels for "quieting" the ride inside... especially on tile). They are STABLE as all get out. Out of the 20-30 kids in our neighborhood who ride on them from the age of about 18mo-9yo there have only been 2-3 spills. The older kids and adults spill on them, but that's usually when we're messing about.

Anyhow... here's the link:

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Leapfrog makes an alphabet that you put on the fridge, you put the letters into the carrier and it gives you the phonetics of the letter and sings a little song. My son had his from around the age of 2 and it is still on the fridge and he is 5. He now makes words with it (inserts paper letters between). It was a great learning tool. Melissa & Doug toys are great and sturdy. Band in a Box is a good one, it has about 6-7 different instruments (although her parents might not appreciate the noise!) Just make sure you check age reccomendations on the toys, so there are no small parts. Both of the above vendors make sturdy and imaginative toys.

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Any of the Fisher Price Little People sets or Melissa and Doug products. :)

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a cool water bottle like a Sig (or a knock off), I always give them and the kids LOVE them and think they are "big kids" MY nephew jsut turned three and we got him a wooden train set from IKEA and a water bottle. He got TONS of presents....know what he wouldn't put down??? The water bottle and his mom says it's now a daily staple! I vote for a cool water bottle (They make short ones for kids) and maybe a fun T-shirt

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I think books are a great idea!! My two year old daughter loves these toys:

Say Please Tea Set, sings songs about manners and counting:

Melissa and Doug Birthday Cake:

My daughter loves the cake so much I just ordered the pizza set. The BD cake set helped her learn how to sort through different pieces, count, learn cutting skills... and besides, birthday cakes are so fun!

What country are you living in? Just curious!

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answers from Washington DC on

books - the 'Jellybeans' series by Laura Numeroff
'Angelina Ballerina' series by Katharine Holabird

A doll, movie, or book about the following is always good.
Strawberry Shortcake
Care Bears
Thomas the Tank

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answers from Spokane on

Books! My 2 yr old can not get enough of them and they are easy to buy online:) Pick your favorites... she will enjoy having a box filled with all new stories!

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*Jr. Big Wheel, and helmet
*books/gift card to book store (she would have fun at the store and picking a special book from her auntie)
*sticker books
*Highlights magazine subscription
*Little People
*ball pit



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I agree with Karma! Books are a great idea! I generally ask the parents what the child NEEDS and try to get something and I always include a book!

At 2, my daughter loved her plastic tea sets and her baby dolls! as for books, we started building her Dr Suess collection around that age.



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Our daughter just turned 2 - we had no idea what to get for her. We took her to Toys R Us, Walmart, Target all in an effort to see what she gravitated to.

In our case, she really didn't have a strong preference, so we for her a bunch of small things (bouncy balls, Tinkerbell costume, Barbies, etc).

Is it possible to contact her parents and get recommendations just so you don't duplicate? As a parent, anything is appreciated - the thoughtfulness is the real gift.