Gift Idea: Makeup for a 14 Year Old Girl

Updated on December 08, 2011
M.J. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I have a family exchange and there are 4! 14 year olds in my exchange so there is no getting around having one or 2 for gifts every christmas. I got the gift for one of them but the other is hard to guess. She is 14, preppy and pretty. Girly girl that is into fashion and makeup. Shes an only child I have 3 toddlers so her mom and stepdad can afford LOTS of high end clothing for her. I can not. So clothes out of the question. My brother (her dad) is in Kuwait this year and doesnt get to talk to her much so he is no help. All he tells me is that she wants lots of Makeup this year. Stepmom and her dont get along so SIL cant tell me much either I am at a loss. SOOO all you moms of fashionable teens out there. Whats the best kind of make up brand, what are the hot colors (shes not goth or emo) is a "kit" in or should I spend the cash on one type of thing IE Lipsticks, or Eyeshadows something like this.

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Gift certificate to Sephora make up store in the mall. They have lots of high end wonderful make up. I buy mine at CVS but drool over some of the Sephora stuff.

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How much do you want to spend? When my SD turned 13 I had my Mary Kay lady come and give her and a couple of friends a skincare and make-up class and my gift to her was to buy her some good products. I got a cleanser designed for teens, a blemish-fighting toner and gel, a brown eye liner and mascara (she's blond), a mineral foundation, and some glosses. It was really expensive but you could do just a few things.

Makeup is such a personal thing - it doesn't matter what colors are hot, they have to look good with her skin tone and coloring, some brands are irritating, etc. Your SIL really needs to step it up and let you know what brands are in her SD's make-up bag (if she visits or lives there). If she won't do that, stick with nail polish (OPI is a reliable high-end brand, about $8 a bottle at a salon), or universal basics like brown or black eyeliner (or maybe something fun and shimmery), maybe a mix of lip glosses, etc. from brands like smashbox or Clinique. I would buy something that if unopened can be returned locally in case it's the totally wrong thing and include a gift receipt. Good luck - it's a great idea but kind of hard to do!

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Instead of makeup, get her Bobbi Brown's make up book. It shows how to apply for natural, day, evening, formal, how to match foundation, ect. All the things a 14 yo needs to know before going out looking like an orange clown!

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answers from Dallas on

Do you have a Seophora near you? What is your budget?

My daughter is quite the fashionista. She enjoys makeup as well.

First and foremost, when girls are about 11, they need to get into a good skin care routine. My daughter and I faithfully use Clinique and we use Clinique makeup.

I got my 14 yr old niece a little kit at Sephora that was small and looked like the logo Sephora bag... It was $15 and had a few eye shadows, lip gloss and blush. I also got this lip gloss that had about 8 colors and it was in 1 pencil type tube that you can separate and use the color you like... it was $15. I also got her some PINK from Victoria's Secret lotion and body spray and some bronzer from Victoria's Secret.

Sephora has great stuff. Other ideas are compact mirrors for their purse, brushes for blush, powder, etc... brush sets... These can get pricey but you can find something reasonable. A small cosmetic bag with some goodies.

Many department store cosmetic counters have sets with assorted eye shadows, blushes, lip glosses. Even Kohl's has a cute set that looks pretty nice.

My 16 yr old loves PINK fragrances from Victoria's Secret and the blue Hollister lotion and body spray.

Also Bath and Body has a lot of good stuff for girls, along with lotions, body creams, sprays, they have those super comfy soft socks.

If you don't know her "style" and she is a girly girl, a small kit might have a variety of things she can use. I don't know as far as hot colors... I see a lot of brown tones, darker shades of blue and violet, great long lashes, and bronw/black eyeliner.

Good luck

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answers from Williamsport on

I'd accidentally not be able to buy make up for the 14 year old. Woops. I'd snoop around about some INTERESTS she might have she could READ or LEARN about...and get her a cool art book....(why do I get the premonition that my daughters are going to hate me at that age).....but if she only likes make up, then. um. Target coupon I guess. cringe.

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answers from San Francisco on

We always get our neice (who is 15) iTunes gift cards. There isn't a teenager alive who wouldn't like that.

I second the Sephora idea. You could even get her a gift card to Sephora so she can choose something she likes. If you want to give her something to unwrap, head there yourself and check it out - there is an almost mind-boggling array of beautiful and fun stuff to choose from. I've always found the ladies at Sephora to be very helpful with gift ideas, as well. They can point you in the right direction as to what's selling for younger teenagers at the moment.

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answers from Provo on

I also have a 14 year old daughter who would like make-up. I called my aunt to ask her about make-up. My aunt has three daughters and they love Bare Minerals make-up. There is a store in the mall by them and she took her girls in. They did a complete look on all of her girls and showed them how to apply the make-up so it looked nice. They also asked the girls what type of look they wanted. When they were finished, the employees wrote down all of the make-up they used so they could buy it if they wanted. My aunt said they aren't pushy and are very helpful. They bought a few things and now my aunt has the make-up lists so she can by more for birthdays or Christmas. She has also went in for herself. Maybe you could get her a make-up bag or case with a gift certificate so she can pick out the make-up. I am thinking of getting my daughter a gift certificate so we can go in during the Holiday.

I know Sephora also does make-up. They will only do part of your face at a time, like the eyes. We have a Sephora in our JC Penney. You could probably go into one of these places and they could help you with colors if you told them her hair and eye color.

What about accessories? My daughter likes jewelry, scarves, or things for her hair. She is always doing something different with her hair. Scarves can dress up a simple long sleeve tee.

My daughter also loves perfume, sprays, or lotions. She likes Bath and Body Works sprays.

Good luck, hopefully, they are appreciative of whatever you give them!

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answers from San Antonio on

Does she have an Ipod or a kindle? If she has an Ipod Itunes gift cards are great so she can get music. If she has a kindle, then Amazon gift cards so she can get books. There are alot of very cool makeup kits, Sephora inside JC Penney's is a great make up place. A good set of make up brushes.
How about asking her, maybe she is saving money up for something and you could help her with the remaining.
Your best bet is to talk to her and let her give you some ideas. I hate buying the wrong thing and then it just sits in the closet FOREVER!!
Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

LOVE the make up brush idea - but the kicker is they need to be good. I like Stilla brand they have fun cosmetic kits.
Also, maybe a monogrammed makeup kit or train case for her accessories:) (think Vera Bradley, Jon Hart - i don't t hink the caboodles will fly with this girl 0 LOL)
I got my neices an excellent three piece Ralph Lauren travel case/makeup kit at TJMaxx - they LOVED them. Two years and I still see them using them to cart their stuff.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I agree with Sephora. My older two are 14 and 15, they are getting their first Sephora gift certificates this year. They have some really nice kits!

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answers from Milwaukee on

If it were around when I was in high school I would have LOVED Bare Minerals. My skin is IMPOSSIBLE to match and I went thru most of my life with those horrible liquid make up lines.

The heavens opened and angels sang when I ordered that make-up. It's a little pricey but worth it and it lasts a lot longer than you'd think.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Any young girl starting to wear make-up, should also learn about taking care of her skin. Clinic is one of the lesser expensive department store brands and is a fantastic product. They usually have gift baskets put together for the holidays where maybe you could get her the basic skin care plus a lipgloss and blusher or something.

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answers from Lincoln on

I have 11 and 14 year old daughters. I have heard that the make up brush kits at Target are pretty good and plan to buy them this year. Other stocking stuffers I loaded up on are scented nail polish, glow in the dark and black light nail polish, nail pens, nail decals, perfume, large rings, and Bath & Body works. Feather accessories are popular this year. We bought Sephora eye shadow base cream recently, and believe me, it takes eye shadow to another level of gorgeous which we found especially handy for dance recitals. I would also suggest a lighted makeup mirror that has magnification on one side, or the website for the cutest train cases, hanging make up bags, duffles or luggage that my daughters always get many complements on. My oldest daughter requested a hoodie buddie this year which is a hoody with built in ear buds. They are available at JC Pennys. Hope this helps!

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