Gift Idea for New Nephew (4Th Baby Boy)

Updated on November 27, 2011
L.O. asks from Sterling Heights, MI
5 answers

My SIL just had her 4th child .. a boy.. just like the other 3.. I want to get her a gift.. but dont have an idea. she said she has clothes and toys galore..

I was thinking of sending a case of diapers.. she has 2 in diapers. is there any place that does freee shippping on diapers.

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answers from Minneapolis on computes shipping cost depending on dollar amount spent.

How about a present for the mom instead of the baby? Or presents for the 3 older boys?



answers from Colorado Springs on

I think diapers are a fine and practical idea. At the same time, though, get the new baby a little something for himself - brand new - something his brothers didn't have before him, even if it's just a rattle. Once in a while children need something that never belonged to a sibling!



answers from Detroit on

How about a gift for her?! I'm sure she could use some pampering:) Bath gels, lotions, etc? Gift card for a manicure? Just an idea!




answers from Kansas City on

I think Amazon does free shipping on orders over 25 dollars.



answers from Los Angeles on

You can get diapers shipped for free through Amazon. Books can be very nice gifts or a personalized baby blanket. We got the chamois "stroller blankets" from pottery barn kids with my kids' names on them and they are fabulous.

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