Gift Idea for Boy/girl Twins

Updated on August 20, 2015
J.M. asks from Melrose, MA
9 answers

Turning 3? I don't know what they are into or have already. Thanks

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answers from Washington DC on

Did you ask their parents for ideas? You might get them dress up clothes - doesn't have to be princess and pirate. Could be a fireman and a chef or a vet and a police officer. Or art supplies (washable!). Or blocks. Do they have duplos?

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answers from Baton Rouge on

They're three. Get them some picture books.

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answers from Des Moines on

tickets to a zoo or childrens museum?

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answers from Santa Fe on

duplo legos, wood puzzles, pretend food and toy kitchen toys, toy musical instruments, big bouncy balls, stomp rockets. Go look in a toy store at things for that age range. You'll get plenty of ideas.


answers from Washington DC on

dr suess books. contact the parents to find out which ones they already have.


answers from Norfolk on

Teddy bears.
Every kid needs a good teddy bear.



answers from Chicago on

Cardboard blocks or magnatiles


answers from Washington DC on

I second dress up clothes. Melissa and Doug make some really nice ones with accessories. Target sells them, too, which makes the easy to pick up.

My kids love the chef, fireman, policeman, train conductor ...

So many to pick from, but here's the chef ....

ETA .... Oh! Forgot about this. It's a ride on toy that my 4-yo (and every toddler / preschooler in our neighborhood) LOVES! Lots of "heavy work" which is great developmentally and tires them out .... It's called a Ziggle. Google it to see videos. So very cool.



answers from New York on

Ask parents what they like. I can think of a lot, but who knows what they have.

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