Gift Idea for 4 Year Old Girl

Updated on January 12, 2011
C.O. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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My daughter is turning 4 in March and am at a loss for what to get her. I have a boy that is almost 7 years old so we have a lot of toys. Just looking for some ideas. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the ideas. We already have a lot of that stuff (playhouse in our backyard, play kitchen, play tool kit) because my son got a lot of it when he was younger. She has a ton of Barbies, she got quite a bit for Christmas. She also has a full trunk of dress up clothes and shoes. She has a dollhouse my MIL got from a friend so it has everything. I like the build-a-bear idea, we have one nearby and I'm sure she would love to pick out things for it.

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answers from Chicago on

How about a trip to Build-a-Bear if you have one near you? The game Hullaballoo is a lot of fun, get the kids moving and also practices colors and shapes and other categories. Craft supplies are good too: construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, markers, and stickers. It's amazing what they create with basic items. Bath toys are still fun for a while too: bath crayons, mermaid dolls, etc.

If you're trying to avoid toys and "stuff", maybe some clothing with her favorite characters.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

That was the year we got my daughter Barbies! Hubby and I actually made her a simple Barbie house - think book shelf design and I painted windows, put in carpet and tile and even painted a fire place in the living room wall - and then bought some furniture for it. She already had a few Barbies before that.



answers from New York on

My daughter is 4.5 and loves:

Leap Frog Tag reader (fabulous) or leapster
Crafts bt Melissa and Doug including beads for stringing
Calico Pets
Barbies - they have all sort of specialties, too - so you can pick a Barbie that she will be interested in
Guess Who game
Kids Bob CDs

Have fun!



answers from Minneapolis on

I would recommend a Vtech or Leapfrog system. My son is 3 and loves his Vtech. My neighbor is 4 and got a Leapfrog which he loves. They are very similar.


answers from Stockton on

how bout some dress up daughter loved that stuff when she was that age. Actually, she still Loves that stuff......



answers from Chicago on

My daughter is about to turn 5, but these have been favorite toys over the past year:
--Furreal Pet
--Baby Alive
--Beginner games such as Zingo, Hi-Ho-Cheerio, etc.
--Tea set and plastic fruits, veggies (so she can pretend to serve something)
--Razor scooter
--If you want something you can give and others can give coordinating accessories, you can choose a dollhouse and rooms of furniture, the Littliest Petshop toys, Strawberry Shortcake toys, etc.
--If she's into Disney characters, Target sells complete sets of the Princesses and of the Fairies



answers from Boston on

Dress up clothes. You could also buy some board games. Around that age, kids actually start to "get" the game. You could get hi ho cherry or hungry hungry hippos or a memory game. The leapster is also fun and educational. Craft projects are always a hit in my house. I guess it depends on what your daughter likes. Is she into dolls, cars, my little pony, strawberry shortcake etc.?


answers from Detroit on

There is a game called Zingo my 3 year old just got for her b-day. Super cute form of Bingo. She can play alone or we can all play together. There are other forms of this on Amazon too that encourage reading or spelling. We even took it on vacation, so good on a plane or resturant.

We bought our 3 & 5 year old girls a cardboard house for X-Mas from Kohl's. It's huge and there are printed things all over it for the kids to color. It's big enough for them to go into and hours of coloring to keep them occupied. Is was 20 bucks or a little less. What kid doesn't love a cardboard house?!?

Maybe a Doll House? We purchased a Savanah Doll House this year as well which seems to be a hit. Meijer had them in stock and they were the cheapest (Less than $70 with the sale and coupon). I originally ordered it Site to Store from Walmart until I found it for less at Meijer.

I hate buying just to buy, so it's nice to hear what toys actually get used!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Does she have a Nintendo DS? I think my son was 4 when he got his and he took to it like a fish to water!



answers from St. Louis on

the full-size kitchen set is very popular with little girls. It provides an endless supply of pretend play ideas....not only playing house, but also cooking, playing restaurant, etc. !!

I use one in my inhome daycare & boys/girls both love it! & from the time they can stand, babies love it, too.

Other ideas would be a bicycle, a trunk/box full of dress-up clothes, a storage tub full of art supplies/craft books/etc, a pet (my son was 4 when he picked out his pup at the shelter), or a doll house. She's at the perfect age to really enjoy & express the joys of being a little girl!



answers from Minneapolis on

We bought my just-4-year-old son a Leapster Explorer and a few games to go with it for Christmas, and he has really loved it. He learns from it, but also gives him some good downtime for a little while each day. It would be something that's just hers, not her big brother's too.


answers from Houston on

little craft projects, a dress up tutu or superhero cape, the leaf frog letter factory dvds are awesome too



answers from Milwaukee on

Do you have barbies or dress up clothes? How about gymnastic or dance lessons? How about taking her to the movies of her choice?



answers from Minneapolis on

At four my girls loved (and still love at 10 and 5) getting cute journals and pens. They started sounding out words and having a place to write whatever they wanted. All four of my kids also loved crafts at this age.

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