Gift for Husband Turning 50! - Plano,TX

Updated on June 05, 2013
E.R. asks from Plano, TX
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My husband is turning the Big 50 this year. I'm not throwing him a surprise party or big party. We decided we wanted to go on a nice trip as a family. I do want to get him something special for his birthday and having a hard time with that. Anything cme to mind? Something he can look back on and remember he got it when he turned 50 years old! He's simply, and sporty. Not the flashy kinda guy. thought?? ideas?? help. Thanks! Update: Athletic instead of sporty. Likes to play soccer, and basketball with the guys and hit the gym! :)

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answers from New York on

Perhaps a team jersey of his favorite team with the number 50 and his name on it?

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answers from Grand Forks on

Pay for some sessions with a personal trainer, pay for some sort of lessons (boxing, martial arts, tennis, golf) get him tickets for a sporting event he enjoys, get him some new gear or upgrade his gym membership in some way (like add towel service).

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answers from Minneapolis on

What do you mean by sporty--he likes to be a participant or a spectator? Do you want something he could use in his own activities or more like something he could wear to a game or have as memorabilia? I don't know if you have time for this, but something I find intriguing is having a personalized quilt made. For example, if he's run in a bunch of races you take the race t-shirts and have them made into a quilt. There are people who do this as businesses. I'm going to have them made for my boys for graduation (which is very popular right now) and I'm going to have one made to memorialize all of the exotic vacations my mom took before she died in October.

Good for the two of you for skipping the big party and going on a trip. That's what we are doing for my milestone birthday this summer. I don't mind a good party, but I really, really dislike surprise parties. A party pooper, I know.

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answers from St. Louis on

50 things you love, remember, having done with him. 1 picture per page (can be OF him or a picture of Eiffel tower if you went there for example). Maybe a flip style book?


answers from Houston on

I never understood why folk throw big parties for birthdays either. Thats like giving others a gift rather than the birthday boy.

I like the idea of the jersey or the tickets for him and a PAL, not you, to see an event.

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