Gift for High School Graduate Going into Nursing School

Updated on May 16, 2007
C.R. asks from Walworth, WI
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My niece is graduation high school and going into nursing school in the fall. She wants to be a pediatric nurse. I really wanted to get her something related to this. Is there anything special that nursing students need? Any ideas would be appreciated!

Thank you,


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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of the great ideas. I was also concerned that she may decide to change her field at some point. From your suggestions, money or the gift certificate would be the best bet. I also know how much textbooks cost. That are the names of some of the nursing stores that I could get a gift cert. at?

Thaks again for all of your wonderful suggestions!

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A gift card to a mall where there is a uniform store. That way she can buy a uniform or something just for herself. She is probably broke and does not get to pamper herself often.

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Hi C.,
A stethescope. Call her future school and ask them for a list of items necessary for her future classes. Pens, Paper, notebook etc. If you want to spend more money, a laptop, pay for her internet subscrtiption, or even pay part of her tuition. There are many things you can do to make an impression on the newly graduated teen. It's all up to you.

Good luck




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Dear C.,

I have three friends that are either in school or are cna's or nurses and I know the one thing they always needs are the uniforms that you can buy at walmart. My one friend says she could never have enough of them. Good luck and have fun shopping.



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I think they usually need like the blood pressure thing, or a stethoscope or something...



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I come from a family of nurses and the perfect gift is their own stethiscope. =) I don't think it will be a cheap gift but it will be one they will always use. OR a watch with a second hand because they will need to take pulses and need to count the seconds. Hm, reread your post, you may want to consider the watch going into school and the stethiscope for graduation, this way if she changes her major she still has something useful to use. Gratz to her, we need all the nurses we can get!



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You could get her a nice pediatric stethoscope but it might be a little early for that since she is just starting out.

I can speak from personal experience that nursing textbooks are soooo expensive ($750 my first semester and about $300 each semester after that. I'm sure money would go a long way- you could even write a note saying it's for books.

There are some really nice reference books for Anatomy and Pathophysiology and Pharmcology but it would be hard to know which one to recommend, it kind of depends on the teacher. Maybe a gift certificate to Amazon or a nursing store. She will probably need some white shoes and a few small things. My school required us all to get the same BP cuff from the school's supplier. I'm sure whatever you get will be appreciated.



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Is she starting the actual Nursing program or just the prerequisites?
A special pen, or a Stethescope (Littmann brand is great)they come in different colors.
When she graduates from nursing school, a subscription to a nusring magazine, a Nursing Drug handbook. Good luck to her. Pediatric nusring is great, there are so many opportunities in pediatrics alone.



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Hi there! As a nurse myself, I would give her a gift certificate to a uniform store. They sell stethoscopes, bp cuffs, supplies, and they have all sorts of nursing shoes. Each nursing program is different as to what they require the students to have so she get what she needs. Money is always great because the books are so expensive. A great gift that may be special too is a watch with a second hand. Every nurse uses one and she'll definitely need that. Good luck to her!!!



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I am also an RN and I love all the ideas shared. I would probably call the school however. A stethoscope is a great idea, but she will only need it when she starts clinical. I would also check with the school about uniforms--alot of nursing schools have you purchase your uniform from them because they may have to have a logo or something on them, specifying you are one of their nursing students. You dont want to give her a certificate for a uniform store if she cant use it for years. I think checking with the school is probably the best idea or simply giving a Visa gift card. Hope it helps



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I am an OB RN 3 years out of school. They all had great ideas- money for books, an adult stethescope (I use mine on brand new babies, its more practical just incase she changes her mind from Peds), scrubs/accessory gift card. If she is going into a 4 year program book money would probably be best because she won't use anything nursing related for 2 years and may (its possible!) have changed her mind by then. Wish her good luck- thats awesome!

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