Gift for Friend Diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer

Updated on November 25, 2008
N.W. asks from Rochester, MI
5 answers

I just found out that a wonderful friend of mine from college was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Her prognosis is good and she is upbeat. She has two boys, one is 6 and one is 3. She lives in Colorado so I can't bring her food, take the boys, or take her out. She is leaving on 12/1 to see a doctor in NYC (where she is from). I would like to send her something to comfort her and help cheer her up or encourage her.

I don't want to send flowers...any suggestions?

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Hi N., my sister was diagnosed about a year ago with breast cancer and thankfully it was found very early, she recieved some beautiful braclets with the breast cancer ribbon hanging from them. Her favorite was from the brighton store but they may only sell them during breast cancer awareness month(october) my sister wears them proudly as a survivor everyday they are very special to her. If this something you are interested in you could probably google breast cancer jewlery and see what is out there. Good luck i'm sure she will like anything you give her.



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How about cookies by design or the fruit flower arragnements they do now. If nothing else it is comforting just knowing thoughts are with you and the kids will enjoy the goodies. Good luck- My thoughts are with you and your friend.



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I spent 5 weeks in the hospital last year and my sister got me a really nice leather bound journal from Fossil and put a bunch of encouraging verses and quotes on individual cards. I have all of the verses in a word doc if you wanted me to forward them to you.

I think the robe or pjs were a great idea!

Your friendship and regular phone calls and emails are probably the best gift!



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Giver her something from your heart, and I would suggest it not be pink...My sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 3 years ago had the breast removed. She has told several in the family if she sees anything else pink she will shove it down the givers throat...

How about a journal or a nice book and coffee mug. But what ever it is something from your heart it will mean more to her.

Good luck
Chelle E.



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I had a friend who had (and beat...praise the Lord) breast cancer. She said the best gifts to give is a fuzzy bathrobe or nice nightgown and slippers, she also said cards are wonderful!

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