Gift for First Communion - 8 Year Old Girl

Updated on April 30, 2009
M. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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Hi there.

My neighbor's daughter will be giving her First Communion this Sunday and has invited us to the party afterwards. We'd like to give her a small gift, but I am at a loss. I have no clue. Any ideas would be helpful! Thanks!

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I would give a cross necklace or picture frame.


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I got a nice bible from someone when I went thru that. My daughter was baptized this weekend and a lot of people gave her James Avery charms. Now I am starting her a charm bracelet. They have so many cute religious charms. They also have sweet little photo albums that are religious. Hope the ideas help! :)



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A rosary is always a good choice for 1st Communion and Confirmation, as well. For a little girl, a rosary in white, pink or pearl-like beads is nice. You can find them at a religious shop -- ex. Sacred Heart @ Coit & Campbell has a large selection.

My daughter also received a small picture frame with a religious overtone that she put a picture of her 1st Communion picture in and she still has that frame sitting on her shelf to this day and she's 21!

There's also any religious jewelry item. Again, Sacred Heart has a good selection of these.

My family is Catholic and having three children who've received the sacraments, I do have an idea of what gifts are available. That is why I tend to lean toward the religious items as this is a religious event rather than secular.



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Anything from James Avery would be good. Theye ven have 1st comm. charms.


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We are coin collectors and we often give a special coin or proof set.

Another idea could be a journal of some sort.

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