Gift for a Smart, Sensitive 5Yo Boy

Updated on March 09, 2011
A.C. asks from Columbus, OH
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We're going to a b-day party of a friend's son. He'll be 5. He's smart and sensitive, but I don't really know of his particular interests. Any suggestions for a good gift (something $20 or less, preferably $10 or less). We are partial to books and his parents are also book lovers, but I don' t know what sort of books a 5yo boy might like.... And other suggestions, besides books are welcome.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the great suggestions. After thinking about it, and knowing his parents are "minimal toy" parents, we went with 2 of the book recs, which he is already reading & loving (he started reading The Magic Treehouse series; we bought the first 4 in one book set, and his dad says he loves it).

Thanks again!

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Legos (Ninjago are in right now) or Playmobile. You can get cute stuff for about $20.

A REALLY good book is called Library Lion. My daughter loves it and it has won several medals. I highly recommend it. He's the perfect age for it.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

A small Lego set. Kids who play legos are proven to have higher math scores!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Puzzles, Erik Carlisle or Curious George board games or Scrabble for kids.

My 5 y/o loved a large size puzzle he received of the solar system. The opposite side of it was a black and white version of the solar system and it came with crayons so he could color it.

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A gift card to a book store are always a great gift--books are expen$ive!

He might like the "Froggy" books, Scooby Doo books or DVDs, Lightening McQueen/Cars books.....

Ooops--NOT books--Scooby Doo movie, Cars playset or rug, Magic 8 Ball, Rubik's Cube, Pick Up Sticks, Slinky.....

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answers from Dallas on

My go to "generic" gift has been board games and lite brite. Toys R us carries a regular lite brite for $11. Seems to be loved by kids of many ages. And my son who is also five, adores games. Operation, Cranium Cariboo Island, Zingo, and trouble are some of his faves. Many people think it may be too complicated, but chess is another excellent suggest. It helps with problem solving, which also helps with math. I have lost to 5 and 6 year olds more than once. :)



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If he likes books, why not make him some bookends? You can go to a craft store and buy plain ones and decorate them yourself.


answers from Saginaw on

Since he is five, how about the "I can read" books. I am sure if you went to Barnes and Noble you could find some books a boy might like. Or perhaps just a gift card to Barnes and noble would be nice.

A fun game out there that's new is called headbandz. Be careful though, they make an adult version. The childrens version says 7 and up but a five year old can easily play.



answers from Lafayette on

My son just turned five, and my in laws got him some Color Splitz -- they are like markers, but "split" into different colors when you hold the marker different ways. (It makes really good fire colors if that helps you understand what I'm saying.) He's been coloring with those almost every day!

A figurine is good -- transformer, Buzz Lightyear, etc. And the suggestion for building blocks are great, as well -- Lego's, Lincoln Logs. Books are terrific -- so are singing cards! Jump ropes are good, play doh. I'd bet he'd be happy with anything -- even a $5 bill. =)



answers from Lafayette on

Robert Munsch writes great books for 5 year old boys!



answers from Fort Wayne on

We have an almost 5 yr old boy. His favorites are:

Playmobile (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) can be found at Target
Glow Station (I think it's made by crayola)
Dry Erase Board/Markers - This yields hours of fun - and great for when you shop, have appointments, etc.

Any books about Animals, Fish, Space, etc...

Hope you find just what you are looking for!!!



answers from Cincinnati on

our son is 6 and LOVED "The Fire cat" by Esther Averil


answers from Santa Fe on

What about music or a small musical instrument?



answers from New York on

What about some kind of "building" toy that would allow him to interact with either a friend or his parents. There are some really great Lego sets out right now that are reasonable and appropriate.

Smart and sensitive little guys are tough, but honestly unless you know what kind of topics he is interested in, I would steer-clear of books or make sure there is a gift receipt included! I would strongly suggest calling the mom and getting some specific suggestions or do a small book with a gift card. Many retailers now are making returns very difficult, so keep that in mind too!



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My son is 5, almost 6, and loves books. He is just starting to really get into chapter books like the Magic Tree House series. Also any books that are about space are a big hit as well as about animals, etc. Recently he has expressed interest in the Club Peguin comic books - i think they are Disney - but we haven't bought any yet. I know several of his friends at school are into these right now.


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He might enjoy something that he can really be creative with, like legos or kinnex. Those are both cheap and can grow with the kid. My son's current favorite book is Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems. Good luck!

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