Gift for a Nine Year Old G.?

Updated on April 03, 2012
A.G. asks from Austin, TX
5 answers

I need to buy a gift for a stlylish nine year old G...
any ideas?
What are the 'hot and in' things right now??
I will include a gift card for itunes...but I need something else!!

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answers from Dallas on

Probably anything from the justice store. My daughter loves pillow pets too.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My daughters like funny things. They love the crazy, neon socks. They like t shirts with funny sayings.

Flip flops, crackle nail polish, cool hair things, cute purse, sparkly lip gloss, fun things for their room...

That age is pretty easy to please :)

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answers from Appleton on

Gift card for Claire's, fuzzy body pillow, hair clips, movies/cd's, purse or cute wallet, sparkly shirt/socks.... good luck:)

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answers from Austin on

My 10-year-old niece loves Justice, so I always get her a gift card from there and include some little gifts like lip gloss and nail polish.



answers from Detroit on

Little Mis-Matched has cute socks, gloves, etc. that DON'T match with each other.

Otherwise you could try something from Bath and Body Works - fruity scented lotion, soaps, flavored lip gloss.

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