Gift for a 6 Year Old Boy Who Is CONSTANTLY Singing and Dancing

Updated on December 02, 2011
S.J. asks from Cherryville, MO
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My 6 year old son loves music, especially the pop stuff, like lady Gaga and all the stuff my husband cannot stand! I am looking for cool gift ideas in the music arena. Would a mic and that kind of thing be too "girly"? I am also looking at paper jamz guitars. What does your music loving son like to play with? Thanks!

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ETA: We have a wii gaming system !

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answers from Lansing on

Just dance is a great fun game for the wii.

My daughter loves to sing and dance and just loves just dance. One night we got my whole family doing it. My dad, brother, sister, nieces/nephews.

Also, I noticed Disney makes a game called sing it that has a lot of the disney people on it. It comes with a mic for the wii.

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answers from Houston on

something karaoke-esque...or a microphone

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answers from Houston on

A children's guitar and lessons.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Kinect for X-Box has a family band and a great dance game. Those are fun... Mic's are NOT girly unless he sings Tip Toe Through the Tulips.
Its great he is doing that! Have fun with it. Instruments are expensive and annoying unless he gets lessons with them :) I have a little Bollywood starlet on my hands at 4. Her 1 year old brother is following suit.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I would sign him up for dance lessons or even music lessons as a gift...doesn't have to be a toy!

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answers from Beaumont on

A karaoke machine.
And we have a summer theatre for kids that they have to audition for. I'd find something like that in your area and let him know that you're letting him attend.

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answers from Dover on

I don't know if you have any gaming systems (Wii, Xbox 360, etc.) but most of them have Just Dance. I also know Big Lots is running a sale this week on the DJ Hero bundle for $25 which comes with the game, turntables to mix your own music & a mic. Not girlie, just cool music-making!

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answers from New York on

how bout a digital camcorder to make his own videos

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answers from Houston on

A harmonica and a recorder.

I have alot of earplugs.

He wants a guitar and a drumset for Christmas.

I am planning on buying more earplugs.

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answers from Kansas City on

My son has received as gifts over the last 5 years: a percussion insturment set and moraccas for his first birthday, an electric drum set for his 2nd birthday, an electric keyboard with a microphone attachment for his 3rd birthday, and a kid sized guitar from Wal-Mart for his 4th birthday. Needless to say, my family loves me!! lol

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answers from Santa Fe on

Hey, my 7 year old son sounds a lot like your son! He LOVES to have a "dance party" in the livingroom and loves pop like Lady Gaga. It cracks me up bc that is not what I would normally listen to. I now actually enjoy a lot of those songs bc they remind me of my son being so happy! I recommend buying your son his own ipod and a gift card for some new music. If you are feeling rich you could get him an ipod dock for his room too...the kind with speakers.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I dont know about the paper jams they seem a little flimsy maybe one of the dance or music games for the wii they have Rock Band

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answers from Denver on

the t-pain mic it comes in black

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answers from Los Angeles on

Well, I have a music-loving daughter and I just bought her a real kid's microphone for Christmas. My husband has an electronic drum machine and amp so we can hook it up there, or it can just plug in in her room:

There are also small karaoke machines out there that look pretty cool!

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answers from Norfolk on

I was going to suggest some Gene Kelly or Fred Astair movies (those guys could dance!), but that might not be his genera.

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