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Updated on September 07, 2007
L.T. asks from Celina, TX
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Mom's of 9-10 year old little girls...what are they into now days? My step-daughter's b-day is getting close and all she will say she wants is an iphone. Since that will not happen, I was wondering what other little 10 year olds are into...She already has a cell phone she cannot seem to keep charged (all the more reason to NOT get the iphone) and an ipod. Thanks so much!

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My daughter is 9 1/2 and she is really into music now. We bought her a personal cd player for Christmas and some cd's. HSM and HSM2 and Hannah Montana cd's. We got her the cheap $10.00 cd player from walmart bcse she tends to still lose things. That was a real hit for the wanna be preteen. She also happens to love Harry Potter, so we got her the books on cd and she listens to those on car trips.

Just a thought. Hannah Montana rules.

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I have a 12 yr old. She did get a cell phone at 10.

Does your daughter like video games? Ours enjoys the WII, Nintendo DS (in pink of course), Gamecube and computer games (SIMS series, Animal Crossing, WII Sports package, Harry Potter and Mario Cart).

Note.......If you have a gamecube and you have a WII, the Gamecube will not be used much anymore because the WII has a slot for gamecube games on it.

What about an Ipod? DD has the one with the video on it. She also has some sort of clock radio/charger and she uses it daily as her alarm clock.

I have girls hanging out here all the time and they are into music, dancing, video games, cell phones and shopping. My daughter also asked for the Iphone (NOT going to happen).

They love Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle and Coach as far as clothing that is popular right now with all the kids where my daughter goes to school.




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I would go for the handheld nintendo ds. A lot of kids have them now. Get her nintendogs or harvest moon games to go with. She will love it. The ds is about 129 and games are 29. If she already has a platform (xbox, ps2), you can get her dance pads with a dance revolution game or a microphone and a karaoke game. My daugter and her friends love to play those as well.



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Hi Lindee,

I don't know what her personality is like...but if she is a "girly girl" I would like to recommend monograming her name in towels that are her fav. color and turning the towels into a layer cake formation...and in the layers you can stick some fun things like jewelry, lip gloss, nail polish, etc...this is actually what I do for a living. Everyone loves personalized gifts and I would love to make your step-daughter feel special for her 10th birthday. Feel free to visit my site at and/or give me a call if this is something that you would be interested in.



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My granddaughter turned 10 yesterday and anything that is High School Musical is in her wishes. The CD, Movie, purses and back pack I saw at Volume Shoes. Good Luck. G. W



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check out justice - just for girls.

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