GFCF (Gluten Free/casein Free) (Wheat Free/dairy Free) Diet Tips

Updated on February 25, 2008
T.D. asks from Noblesville, IN
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Hi All:

I am reading through info on putting my son on the GF/CF diets and am looking for a good place to purchase products. I have been in Trader Joe's and Wild Oats and although Trader Joe's has better pricing they dont have much variety. For a box of casein free chicken nuggets it's 6.99 at Wild Oats. I have bought him rice milk, the special cereals, bars and a few cookies and it was over $70!!!

Anyone have any tips, tricks, etc. to save a litte money on this diet?


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So What Happened?

An additional problem with the GF/CF diet for my son is he is also allergic to CORN and TOMATO. All the nugget recipes still have corn in them. The Gorilla munch ones are great but they too have corn... Ugh....

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answers from Chicago on

though my son isn't allergic to wheat, i have the casein/whey issue. I have discovered that there are many CHEAP products... some generic that are free from those. I get this HUGE bag of chicken nuggets for like $4 and its some generic version. Same w/pancake mix (though i use buckwheat i think that's still wheat)... Don't think you have woodmans by you. I guess my suggestion is to go shopping when you have TIME and read the boxes. You'll be suprised!



answers from Indianapolis on

I found that Kroger has all the Bob's Red Mill packages cheaper than Wild Oats. I make the gluten free breads with 1/4 cup of applesauce for the egg. Bette Hagman has a few cookbooks out that you can borrow from the public library before purchasing. Her four bean flour can be made with ingredients from Wild Oats, can also be substituted as whole wheat flour in normal recipies. I eat a lot of fresh fruit, veggies, and meat. (I am intolerant to eggs, chicken, dairy and gluten!) Rice pastas are not bad, but expensive, (found at Kroger or Wild Oats). I find that it is expensive, but I am buy less "junk" for my whole family. Hope this helps. C. B.



answers from Lafayette on

Unfortuneatly, there aren't many cheap ways to buy gluten free. The best place for cost is Wal-Mart. They do a great job of labeling their Great Value products that are gluten-free and they're cheaper than name brand. Meijer has a good little gluten-free section and there is a whole side of a row at Georgetown Market. There is a great list on that shows which ingredients contain gluten if you want to check out other items at the stores. Be very carefull about items that say wheat-free, because that doesn't necessarily mean they are gluten-free. I don't know much about casein-free but at least this will help you with the gluten part.



answers from Bloomington on

I've been down that road, also, and it's tough. Your best bet is to try more of a fruits and veggie diet than to buy ready made substitutes. It's healthier, too. For dinner, I try to make things from scratch. Most meats can be quickly browned on the stove and rice and potatoes are easy enough to do. And best of all, I don't break my budget for groceries!



answers from Chicago on

The chicken nuggets are easy to make, for my husband, I dredged in sorghum flour, dipped in almond milk then coated them in crushed tortilla chips mixed w/coconut, they were ok, but the tortilla chips need to be crushed finer, so next time I'll try the gorilla munch cereal.

There are a ton of great recipes on the web on peoples blogs, just do a search. it's best to start with whole foods -meaning unprocessed items, and make it yourself. That way you know 'zackly what's going in them



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It depends what types of foods you need to buy but try online for the non-perishable stuff. I know my neighbors order stuff from and there's also this website that lets you select what allergy items you want to avoid.

When it comes to the Gluten Free stuff I buy I usually try to make as much food myself as I can or stock up on stuff when and where I see it on sale. I've been doing the GF diet for about 2 years now I think and I have yet to find one store that sells everything I want.

Good luck.



answers from Chicago on

Hi T.,

We are in the same boat on this one. I have found quiet a few gluten free foods at Meijer. Whole foods also has a great selection but it's also very pricey! Good luck.


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