Gettng 17 Month Old to Sleep in Hotel Room.

Updated on September 23, 2008
N.J. asks from New Tripoli, PA
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My husband, my (will be by then) 17 month old daughter and myself are heading off to Disney in November. When I traveled with my daughter in July at 13 months, she would not go to sleep in the pack and play provided by the hotel. Her usual bedtime is 8:30-9:00 and she would still be going strong at 11pm. (The first night was the worst. She didn't go to sleep until 1 am and then woke up at 4am) How do you get a toddler ready to sleep in a strange enviroment? I know she will be 4 months older for our trip but I am really worried that her sleeping is going to ruin the entire trip. To make matters worst we will be moving into a new house the week before we go to Disney so we will all be extra tired and I will be 6 moths pregnant at the time of the trip.

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well you are maybe biting off a bit too much at once. Stop worrying for starters

ask for a full size crib bring blankie and favorite toys and all go to bed at once.



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If nothing else helps, Disney hotels have bed rails they will bring to your room if you ask for them. Just have your baby sleep with you in your bed!



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Our son is three and we still have this problem when we go on vacation. You may already be doing this, but try bringing anything you can from home that she associates with sleep, like a blankie, bedtime books, music and stuffed animals. We have started abandoning the regular bed time when we're on vacation and let my son stay up later with the hope that he'll get good and tired by the time we get back to our hotel. Does your daughter fall asleep in the car? You could try driving around until she's asleep and delicately carry her to your hotel room. For a while that's what we would resort to when my son gave us a hard time going to sleep when we visited my mom. I feel for you that you'll be six months pregnant. Our family went on vacation in May when I was around seven months pregnant and I took that opportunity to relax by pool and let my husband take my son swimming. If you're planning any days at the pool, maybe this is a way you can get some relaxation time in? Good luck!



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I am having the same worry with my 11 month old daughter. We're staying with famiy in Kissimee next month (they have a time share) and I just know she won't sleep in a pack-n-play. So, we're renting a crib from
They have all sorts of things you can rent to make your stay easier and they'll set everything up and break it down for you. I've heard good things about this company but this will be our first time using it.
Hope this helps.

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