Getting Your Tubes Tied vs Mirena

Updated on January 24, 2013
M.H. asks from Franklin, TN
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Was wondering which would be better... Getting my tubes tied or getting the Mirena?

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So What Happened?

I'm 28 and have 1 child another on the way and 3 step kids... I am getting my tubes tied... the question was more fore a friend than me... i was just looking for opinions... I only want two of my own and i am pregnant with my last one... but thanks for the advice... i will let my friend know

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answers from New York on

The main difference between those 2 is whether you ever want to get pregnant again. Tubes tied = you can't. Mirena = you can.

I chose Mirena (although I do NOT want more children) because it was cheaper and easier. And it's been great for me. Virtually no periods. No side effects.

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answers from Indianapolis on

It depends.. Are you DONE having babies??

Getting your tubes tied is permanent. Mirena isn't.

I got mine tied a year ago. No complications or issues. No regrets.

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answers from Chicago on

I went with the nonsurgical tube tying (Essure).

I had a Paragard for about a week. It slipped out of position, and we weren't sure about it's effectiveness. I didn't want to constantly deal with not know if it were placed correctly, and I was done with putting hormones in my body.
Plus, DH could feel the strings when we had sex. (He equates it to feeling fishing wire in my ladybits.)

So, Essure it was. hormones, no more babies ever...whole thing covered by insurance, and it took 30 minutes, in and out.

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answers from Providence on

Depends on ur age. I went to get my tied and I mentioned if I cld have a baby w/ high blood pressure. Rite after I said that he said maybe I shld go with mirena. I went with it. Its going on almost 3 yrs. Guess what? I'm thinking abt having another baby! So I'm glad that I went w/ Mirena. I only spot once in awhile. No cramps but I do get bitchy around that time of month still. LOL Im thinking hard abt another child. K.

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answers from Muncie on

I went with the non-hormone Paragaurd ( copper IUD). For us, we liked the idea that it's reversible at any time we decide and it was something we could have done and not think about it everyday and just enjoy ourselves. I'm so scatter brained and with two kids now I doubted my dependability to take my pill, plus my first was a "pill" baby and we had miscarriage while I was on the pill that led us to decide to have our little boy.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm not a fan of mirena(or foreign objects in the body in general)... I personally know several people that have had problems, a couple were quite severe.

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answers from Dallas on

I had Essure, best thing I did. I was 100% sure that I did not want more babies though. It is a very easy procedure with little recovery time. But it is permanent.

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answers from Dallas on

I had this discussion with my doc - when I had my Mirena 'installed' my periods completely stopped. If I had my tubes tied, then the periods would come back. I went with a 2nd Mirena and no periods.

Some women have had bad luck with the Mirena - but I've had good results, and the Mirena was less expensive than other permanent solutions.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Totally depends on your situation. How old are you? How many kids do you have? Any chance you might want more kids in the future? Any health issues? I was going to have Essure and my doctor talked me into Mirena. I have not had any problems. Having more kids wasn't really the issue for me because of my age, but I think he thought it was less invasive and less expensive. Essure was relatively new at the time and only a few doctors did it. That doctor has since retired and he wasn't one of the few doctors who did Essure so maybe that was part of it. Anyhow, I've been happy with the Mirena.

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answers from San Antonio on

I didn't have the option my hubby took a stand on getting a vasectomy. Just a suggestion get your hubby to take care of himself. After all we did all the work having them. Best Wishes!

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answers from Columbia on

I wouldn't do either. I'd ask hubs to get a vasectomy. Far less likely to have complications.



answers from Albuquerque on

Mirena for 4 years (next month) after having my first. I knew I'd want more kids... eventually. Planning to make the removal appointment this summer! Haven't had any issues or side effects. Barely any spotting during "that time" although my mood is usually indication enough! Best decision for me!

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