Getting Unemployment and Moving Out of State

Updated on April 01, 2011
D.S. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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My sister was just let go from her job. Her husband has basically been a stay at home dad so she has been the sole breadwinner. She lives in Tennessee and moved there for her job from Michigan which is where we are from originally. They have 2 children, but no other family anywhere near. I live in Texas. There is a lot more oppurtunity here. My 2 children are the same age as hers. I want to encourage her to pack up the family and move down here.

How will moving out of state effect her Unemployment? Will she have to re-file, will there be a pause in payments? I just want to make it as easy as possible for her. Thanks Mamas!

Edit:I want her to look for work down here online while still up in Tennessee, but I have a place I can provide to them rent free for a while. I own 2 duplexes, I live in half of one and I am looking for another house to buy for my family.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

When my husband's company, located in Ohio, shut down, we moved to Indiana. He was still able to file for Ohio unemployment, he just did it online. He opted to have his checks direct deposited, so there was no stoppage of payment. If she can't file online, she should be able to do it by mail. People relocate ALL the time. There's no reason why it should be difficult.

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answers from Chattanooga on

My uncle was laid off his job in California, and moved to Texas. California just sent his check to his TX address. It didn't affect his at all.

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answers from Cincinnati on

From my knowledge, she can not collect unemployment in Texas if she didnt work there...I THINK she will have to stay in TN and collect unemployment but "look" in Texas.
It might make more sense for her to live with you until she finds a job but keep her living address (and family) still in Tennessee. If there are alot of opportunites where you live, then it shouldnt take her long to find a job.
If I was your sister, i would not pick up and move my family without some sort of stable income...that just sounds crazy (especially in this economy)

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answers from New York on

General rule for collecting unemployment is that you are available for work and are actively seeking employment. I don't think it would matter if she was looking for employment in another state. Just to be sure, I would check the TN unemployment website.


answers from Dover on

Here in DE and/or MD, you file in either the state you lived on worked in before becoming unemployed it is up to you but once you do, that claim is open for 1 year so if you went back to work and became unemployed (regardless of which state) you would go back to where your open claim is. DE is much easier to deal with so most, given the choice, go through DE.

The best way for her to know is to call Tennessee's unemployement office and ask.



answers from Minneapolis on

doesn't really change anything at all, still have to job hunt just do it locally. only dif. is you get unemployment amount from state origionally from so if you move to a more expensive to live state you might struggle a bit.

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