Getting the Smell of Cigerette Smoke Out of a Couch

Updated on April 07, 2009
M.B. asks from West Jordan, UT
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Does anyone know a way to get the smell of cigerette smoke out of couches? I purchased a couch used and wasnt told it had been in a home of smokers. They must have sprayed it before we got there because now that it has been in our home for a few days the smell is getting strong. I have vacumed the couch and sprayed it with fabreeze and it still smells.

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So What Happened?

Ok so I put baking soda on it over night and vacumed it. I have also sprayed it 3 times now with fabreeze. It smells much much better. If the smell is still there by the end of the week I am going to hire someone to come clean it.Thank you everyone for yor responses.

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I had the same problem when I got my couches from my in laws. I vaccumed, used my carpet cleaner on them sprayed them with three bottles of fabreeze. It took about a month to get the smell out. If it was nice outside I would open the windows to get fresh air in the house. Good luck

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Sol-u-mel is okay, but it stinks like REALLY srtong pinesol. Maybe try renting an upholstery cleaner? Resolve has some great upholstery cleaner that smells great. If the weather stays nice you can air it outside for a while before you clean it. between those, and febreezing a few times a day, the smell should go away.

I quit smoking in Janruary, and although I never smoked in the house, I did in the car occasionally, and once in a while I still get a whiff of the smoke. It is hard to get rid of! Good luck!!!

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I've heard that if you leave an open container of coffee beans (or grounds) it can absorb bad smells. Maybe a few small ones in several places along the couch (just make sure kids and pets don't get into it!)


answers from Fort Collins on

We got a couch from my mother that was the same - smelly but not visably dirty. We sprayed it profously (sp?) with Lysol and left it out in the sun to air out for a couple of days. We lived in a very dry climate when we did this. No moisture, but a good breeze and lots of sun. It worked!


answers from Fort Collins on

My Father in law smoked in my car when he borrowed it...Grrrr

I covered the seats with dryer sheets and left it in the sun. It worked great on the cloth seats, but just check that the sheets do not get too hot on vinyl or leather surfaces and melt.

Good Luck



answers from Provo on

M., I had a fire in my living room last Friday. A product called "Purify" got rid of the smoke smell through my entire house just by diffusing it in that room, and spritzing it around the rest of the house. Look on and look it up in blends. You only need a couple of drops in a spray bottle. If it can get rid of fire smoke in 2 days, I don't think you should have any trouble getting out cigarette smoke! I live in Provo, by the way.


answers from Phoenix on

I have a great product that I use, and it is safe from chemicals too. It's called Sol-u-mel. It even kills dust mites! Let me know if you're interested, you have to be a member of the company, but I can help you save money too!



answers from Pueblo on

How heavy is it to move?

I used to come home from a friends smelling like a smoke factory and if I left my coat or other items outside overnight they smelled perfectly normal next day. Hung them on my deck.

Perhaps leave it out at least over night and even a day in the sun probably wouldnt hurt.....but then still leave it overnight after that!

By the way whole cloves snuck under carpets etc are a real good ol fashioned scent restorer so to speak. Maybe sprinkle some under the cushions after you are done with the outside thing?

Hope it works......let me know!



answers from Denver on

Hi M.,

You can use Sol-U-Mel and Tough & Tender, an all antural cleaner I use, in a steam cleaner. If it still stinks , try using fabric softener (I like Mela Soft)in your steamer.

Good luck,



answers from Salt Lake City on

If products don't work, try renting an ozone machine. We used to use it to get smoke smell out of used cars when we owned our dealership. You can probably get one from an emergency disaster cleanup company. Good Luck!!! That stuff lingers, and lingers, and lingers....



answers from Denver on

that's going to be a tough one. I bought a house from a smoker and it took 2 years for the nicotine to quit oozing through the NEW paint in the master bathroom....
I'd douse in baking soda, let it sit a good long while and then vacuum. all the cushions and as much of the rest of it you can get out in the sun would probably help too. if those don't work, call a professional - they'll have something that works that won't damage the couch.

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