Getting Softness Back to Plush Toy After a Spin in the Dryer.

Updated on March 28, 2010
J.S. asks from Stoneham, MA
5 answers

Hi. One of my son's favorite plush toys accidentally went into the clothes dryer today and the fur is not soft anymore. The heat must have damaged it. Any suggestions on getting the softness back? Or is it a lost cause.

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answers from Dallas on

Throw the stuffed animal in the wash on the rinse cycle with vinegar. Don't worry, the vinegar will not cause the animal to smell. :) After this, put the animal in the dryer on the lowest possible setting. Do NOT use fabric softeners. Fabric softeners will add a film to the fibers and cause matting.

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answers from Portland on

Depends on what the plush is made of and it's original texture. If it looks and feels melted then nothing can be done. I'd try wetting it and then put it inside a pillow case with a fabric softener sheet and drying it again on low. Put it in with other clothes. A couple of dry bath towels or a regular wash so that it gets plenty of movement.

My granddaughter has a teddy bear from the Dollar store. She vomited on it and it had to be washed. It's plush was 1/4" long and thinly dispersed. It did not wash/dry well and looks quite scraggly. It's become her favorite stuffed animal. She told me he needed lots of love because he got sick.

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answers from Milwaukee on

depends on the actaully material for of the plush top... my daughter has a "fuzzy" which is a small square blanket with a bear head on it. The one side is silky but the other side short fuzzy material. after washing and drying I usually spend time brushing the material with a cat/dog hairbrush and it at least softens it back up. Won't work for all types but worth a try.

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answers from Denver on

Hi J. - if it's just the regular kind of plush that's become a little matted and not actually melted, try rubbing it with a soft brush, like a nail brush. I was able to do that for one of my son's little toys. It wasnt like new but it was definitely better.



answers from Cleveland on

Sorry, I can't say for sure. You could try contacting the manufacturer or your local dry cleaner for advice. Good luck!

K. Z.

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