Getting Rid of This Kangaroo Pouch

Updated on April 27, 2007
K.D. asks from Belleville, MI
7 answers

i have been dieting off and on and power walking to get rid of these last 15 lbs. slowly but surely its working but what can i do to flatten this kangaroo pouch i still have????

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answers from Kalamazoo on

I have 2 kids. One is 17 months and the other is 3 months. I haven't been able to lose a whole lot of weight either. But I have a friend who has a 2 1/2 year old. She had the pouch as long as I've known her (9 years) and when she went into the navy one of the exercises they made her do at boot camp really worked on flattening that area. She had to lay flat on her back, hands palm down on the floor on each side of your bottom, lift your feet about 6 inches off the floor, and hold them there as long as you can. To make it a little harder you can move your feet up and down without letting them touch the floor. It's worth a try. Trust me, you'll feel the burn in the muscles right behind that pouch. Hope this helps.

I also heard Pilates does wonders for all those trouble areas.

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answers from Detroit on

my son is almost 10 and I still have a little mommy belly. I think with exercise and diet it can go down...but having been pregnant it stretches out the area. So we mommies may never be the same as before. Just don't stress too much about it and enjoy your little one. They grow up so fast.



answers from Detroit on

Heh good luck. I lost all my baby weight but still have what you're calling the kangaroo pouch. My son is a little over 2 now. Welcome to the joys of pregnancy.



answers from Detroit on

If your ready to work hard to get rid of it try using kettlebells! They work every part of your body.



answers from Detroit on

Both of my little bundles of joy stretched my stomach- and it will never be the same. BUT to make it the best it can be, I do ab workouts EVERY DAY. Losing weight and dieting are great, but if you want you stomach back, you have to work your abs like crazy. After I get home from the gym in the morning, I just go on my Comcast On-Demand and they have good ab shows on there. They are about 7-10 minutes long and really do wonders. Good luck! Consider those strecth marks battle scars!



answers from Detroit on

Hi K.,

I had the same problem after I had my son. What worked for me were doing crunches by using an exercise ball. I worked my oblique muscles and this got rid of the pouch and tightened my waist because I worked out my "core" as they call it. I suggest you get Denise Austin's "Shrink Your Female Fat Zones" video or DVD. I used this video daily (it's about 45 minutes long and goes by fast). I went from a size 12 to a 6 in 2 mos. Of course, the crunches are my favorite exercise because they are easy to do using the exercise ball while listening to some upbeat music. The video shows some great exercises that actually work. Denise shows you how to do the crunches using the exercise ball which acts as a cushion so that you don't hurt your back.

Hope this helps. Good luck.




answers from Detroit on

I´m sorry to hear that you´re both still struggling. 10 months and 2 years? I´m discouraged - I´m still working on it, and my son is 3 months (he´s my second. I didn´t develop the kangaroo pouch with my first son). Sorry I don´t have advice. I guess the only comfort is the fact that this is one of the side effects of motherhood that many of us deal with.

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