Getting Rid of Maternity Clothes

Updated on July 27, 2011
L.E. asks from Hialeah, FL
7 answers

Hi Ladies,

Someone asked a question the other day about a consignment shops that would buy maternity clothes. I have some really nice maternity fashion tops (from, & Motherhood)I would like to get rid of. So if any one knows of anything please let me know, or if anyone wants to buy them they are size XL .

Thank you!

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answers from Miami on

Please check with your school board, they have a school for pregnant teens. Many of these young girls could benefit from your stylish maternity clothes. The school board should be able to tell you how to donate them.
If that fails, dial 311 for the Children's Trust. They can tell you of an agency in need that could also benefit from your clothes.
Your generous donation will help many girls/women in need.
Best of Luck!

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answers from Miami on

Another mom has mention I have used sold things on that site and loved it. Try that site before ebay it you don't find a consignment shop first.

Good luck.

35 y/o SAHM of 3 boys

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answers from Miami on

There is a consignment shop at university dr and stirling road where i had purchased some maternity clothes. i forget what it is called, but I know that it is still there. Also there is a consignment shop called "kids n'cribs" on Florananda. I don't know whether they still sell maternity, they did at one point.



answers from Miami on

Find a consignment shop in your area, call them and tell them what you have. They may be able to sell them for you. Also, you might try Ebay. I've sold tons of baby items on Ebay. And, there is one more web site you might try. I've not sold anything with them yet but unlike Ebay where you have fees, this site does not charge fees. The website is : A friend of mine found this site and she wanted to see some things too. Good luck!



answers from Daytona Beach on

sell them on ebay, maternity clothes usually sell really good.


answers from Boca Raton on

I sold mine on



answers from Phoenix on

hi my name is L. i live in mesa az ....i am recently a teen mom 17 years old ...and i am 5 months pregnant ....there is no other way to say this ...but just plain and simple ...i do not live with my mom nor my dad ...i live on my own with my friend pay my own bills...i support myself thats what im getting to ....well anyways i am recently go back to high school for the first time in a very very very long time i am a senior this year ...and will be atteding sunvally high ...i start school august 15 ...but there is just one problem i have no clothes what so ever and as the days go by i'm jst getting bigger and bigger ...i have no extra money ...after paying all my bills and there are no family memebers to turn to for help my questin for who ever may be reading this to help me out and donate me maternity clothes for school ....this has become a real stressful matter to me for the last 2 weeks and i just want it to go way i have no more worries ....well if u can write back to me a.s.a.p. at my email ( ) my name is L.......and i will appreciate anyones help at the moment thank you !!!!

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