Getting Playdoh Out of Clothing

Updated on June 08, 2009
D. asks from Springfield, TN
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I was wondering if anyone knows how to get playdoh out of clothing. My son sat on some and now I can't get it out of his favorite outfit. It is a cotton and a dark navy color, I was hoping to save it b/c he wears it at least twice a week!!! Help

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answers from Louisville on

D., the following is straight from the website of Hasbro Toys, the makers of Play Doh:

"When attempting to remove PLAY-DOH compound do NOT use hot water or cleaning solutions of any kind. To remove PLAY-DOH compound from carpet or fabrics, allow it to dry completely, and then loosen with a stiff brush. It may be necessary to vacuum clean or wash with gentle soap and cold water. You may need to repeat the process in order to completely remove the PLAY-DOH compound."

Good luck. Hope it works!

Just as a P.S. ...
If you are faced with a stain and don't know how to get it out, don't put hot water on it until you KNOW that is the correct solution. Hot water tends to set stains, particularly protein-based stains like blood. If you have a mystery stain and you wash it in cold water and it doesn't come out, you can still wash it in warm or hot water ... no problem. But, should you wash a stain in hot water and that is the wrong treatment ... you've just made a new scouring rag. Also, one of the greatest cleaning solutions I have ever found is called, Spray Power. It comes in a 1 liter spray bottle as well as a gallon refill. It works in your carpet shampooer and your washer, cleans grass stain and week-old blood stains (albeit with a bit of scrubbing!) Got a grease stain? Pour some on full strength and let it soak awhile; a little rubbing, then toss it in the washer.

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answers from Wheeling on

Have you already tried washing it? Is it just the color that's stuck, or the actual 'clump' of 'doh'? Anyway, I'd try Zout and/or (cheap at dollar stores) Totally Awesome spray. I hate the thick, gel-type laundry treatment sprays, but Awesome works on most typical clothing stains and Zout is guaranteed to work against most food and grass stains on cotton fabrics or else they'll refund your purchase price for the bottle.



answers from Charlotte on

Try rubbing alcohol. My daughter got silly putty stuck to one of her jackets this winter and I soaked it in... it dissolved the putty. It's worth a try. I'd test it on an inconspicous place first though to make sure it doesn't affect the color.



answers from Raleigh on

I have heard that you can freeze with an ice pack and then scrape off. I haven't tried it myself, but it might be worth a shot!



answers from Raleigh on

This happened to me this week with bright yellow playdoh on navy shorts. I just waited for it to dry, was able to scrape it off with my fingernail, and washed it as usual. It all came out. Good luck!

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