Getting Pet Hair Out of Wool

Updated on September 22, 2008
S.M. asks from Saint Paul, MN
10 answers

Does anyone know how to get pet hair out of a wool blanket? I have tried washing it a couple times and the pet hair will not come out. I don't want to throw the blanket away as it's barely been used, but I'm not sure what else to try. Thanks!

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answers from La Crosse on

Go to the pet store and buy a lint roller specifically made for pet hair. They are considerably stickier than the regular lint rollers and work great.

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answers from Minneapolis on

3M has a new product out called the Fur Fighter Pet Hair Remover and it really is great -- works much better than lint rollers. You can get them at Target. (Full disclosure: I work for 3M. But my recommendation is just because it's a good product.)



answers from Duluth on

My husband has a wool blanket and we just lay it on the floor after vacumming. One of us will hold the corners while the other one vacumms it. It works really well for us so don't throw it out until you've tried this method. Good Luck



answers from Minneapolis on

use static guard-spray on-let sit-shake off-or vaccum-or dryer-i have 2 cats-1 dog-trust me-works great...



answers from Dubuque on

I've found that the dryer gets alot of pet hair out of blankets. I've even vacumned the blanket too to get out pet hair.

L. L



answers from Minneapolis on

Try using a bristled pet brush to brush it out. Works wonders for carpets! I am always amazed at what I get out.



answers from Minneapolis on

Try taking a damp washcloth and wiping the blanket. It's hard to explain what I mean!

I've also seen a squeegy type of thing for getting pet hair off furniture and such. Have you tried doing an Internet search to see what pops up? The dryer does help, but depending on the hair, some seem to stick in more. Good seems like wool is really tough.



answers from Appleton on

depending on how much hair you are talking about or how much time you want to spend, have you tried the sticky lint rollers or masking tape



answers from Wausau on

Hi S.,
I've had pet hair get into flannel comforters in our cabins when people haven't followed our rules of 'no pets on the beds'! I don't know if this would work for you (and it's extrememly time consuming but i had to do it) but after the blanket is dried you can try a lint roller. I had to go over the queen size comforter a couple of times with the lint after it was washed and dried but it did work. I'm not sure if it'll work on the wool though...the flannel comforter was more 'smooth' than a wool blanket might be. Hope you find a solution. Good luck.



answers from Madison on

Hi S. -- I get cat fur off of everything with a lint roller made especially for pet fur -- the kind where you roll it a couple of times, tear off a strip and roll it again. You can find them with the regular lint rollers in Walgreens.

Have fun! L.

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