Getting My Wisdom Teeth out-What to Expect?

Updated on May 12, 2011
M.P. asks from Orem, UT
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Hey all I'm 23 and finally getting these stupid things out! I was told that my top two didn't need to come out because he can't even see them on the x-ray. The bottom two are still mostly under the gums. Just kind of peaking out. So I go in on friday, and I'm kind of nervous. What can I expect? I wont be out, just heavily sedated. I'm taking my ipod to listen to since I can't handle dentist sounds.

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So What Happened?

BAH!!!!!! I don't like the sound of that!!!!! I'm guessing mine have to be cut out too :(
Yeah I wish I was put out, but for some odd reason they aren't. I asked about it, but they prefered to just get it done right then and there, which is fine because it hurts SOOO bad right now.
And yes, I will have a ride home :) I know how I am on beynadryl (sp) so I know I will be long gone with anything stronger.
Thank you Denise! I don't know about jello and pudding, two textures I can't handle . . ..
Robin, i'm not sure what you mean by I'll live with out my wisdom teeth.

***Thank you everyone! It went well! When he started to cut my gums I could still feel a little bit so they had to give me a third dose of dumbing :( Then when he started pulling I freaked out and requested the laughing gas. Once I was calm and very loopy he was able to get the first one out really easily, the second he had to do it in two parts but it took a 20 minutes tops! When I got home I at some of my egg rolls that I was suddenly craving. Weird I know. So I've so far been able to eat anything I want.
I did get sick after the first time taking my lovely oxycodyns. But i'm now on my second round and so far so good. If I have any errors in my spelling, you know why!! Hahahahaha!

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answers from New York on

You may not be out completely but you won't remember anything. Recovery should be relatively quick. Pain is minimal. Usually an OTC painkiller should work. Good luck.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I got put under and I was so glad I did! It was really fun! I put on a gas mask and the next thing I know I am waking up in the dentist office in another room. Mine healed great. I just followed all the instructions and didn't eat solid type foods until it was time. You will be fine!

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answers from Denver on

The procedure isn't that bad, especially because you won't be all 'there'. Stay on top of pain meds, and most importantly, do what the instructions are to avoid 'dry socket'. I can't remember what you're supposed to do, but I know I got dry socket and it was the worst part of it all.

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answers from Charlotte on


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answers from Cumberland on

You will live-without wisdom teeth.

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answers from Cincinnati on

Hello! I have had all of my wisdom teeth pulled (3 seperate occasions) and really, it wasn't that bad at all. I always take my ipod with me to drown out the dentist noises too. For me, sucking up the fact I have to go to the dentist is the biggest pain. LOL! Once they're doing it, especially sedated, it won't be bad at all. Even if they have to cut them out it will be pain free during the procedure & done before you know it. For afterwards pain: I have ended up using their prescription like one time when I get home & that's it. After that it's easily managable with ibuprofen. Make sure though that if you get an upset tummy with codine you let them know. You surely don't want an upset stomach because of the pain meds. Make sure you don't drink through a straw or smoke for a couple days. It can really increase your chances for dry socket. I've never had it but I listened to the doc & didn't use a straw or smoke (nonsmoker anyway). My biggest hint for you: tea bags. Pick up a box of tea bags. If it tends to bleed more than you want & just doesn't seem to be clotting up, remove the gauze & chew on a dry tea bag. It will help clot the blood faster & you'll be much happier. Good luck! I'm sure you'll be just fine & once it's over you'll say "Really, that was it?"

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answers from Redding on

We are all different and handle things diffferently so I will hope you do as well as I did. I was about 26,, had a 3 yr old at home. I had 3 wisdom teeth that were showing a little in my mouth and one that had taken the place of a molar Id lost when I was 12, so they left it alone. It was 8am.I was put under with an IV. I was out 9 minutes, and it was done. I never had any pain, I took the meds that first day after I got home and that was all. I had crushed ice in ziplock bags wrapped in a dish towel to lay my face on and rest on the couch. Id lay on the ice for 20 minutes on one side, then switch to the other side. Did that for about 2 hours. My husband stayed home and watched our son, and he kept checking on me and I never needed anything. I was up and making turkey sandwiches by early afternoon. Yes I ate one! I had no bleeding, no bruising and no swelling. The only thing I noticed for a couple days was when I yawned or laughed,,it was a dull ache in my jaw. Thats all. I was careful when I brushed my teeth and used the anitseptic mouth wash for a few days. Years later when my son had his done he had pretty much the same experience, only he sang in the car all the way home and kept telling me how much he loved

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Sorry so many people felt compelled to share their HORROR stories.

I think having wisdom teeth pulled is O. of those events people love to recall & embellish with GLEE for some reason. You know, like root canals--and I've had 3 of those and can honestly say I didn't feel pain. at all. The biggest pain in the butt part is having your mouth open & your lips get dry. And I'm no "fan" of dental work.

When my best friend had her wisdom teeth out, she came home, took a nap, then got up & ate a hamburger.

When I had mine out at about your age, on a Friday (all 4, all four impacted) I was given valium in an iv, and novocaine and although I could feel the pressure & such, as they worked, there was no pain involved. I was back to classes on Monday.

I had a little bruising along my jawline and I did have enough discomfort that I didn't eat solid foods for a few days though.

You'll be fine. You've given birth, for Pete's sake. Anything after that is baby food!

Make sure you have some soups, puddings, yogurt & jello on hand for the days after in case you need it.

Good luck!

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answers from Las Vegas on

They gave me sleeping gas and I was in complete denial it would work, then I woke up and my mouth hurt lol. I couldn't drink from a straw (you can get dry socket- read up on that), I looked like a chipmunk for a few weeks, and it hurt to talk for a few days. They gave me Vicodin for the pain and you can't let that pain killer lapse, you will REGRET it, I did and was in pain lol. Afterwards I was hungry so I ate mac and cheese and mashed potatoes from popeyes. You don't eat solid foods for a couple days if I remember correctly. If your heavily sedated you probably will just feel the pressure of whatever he/she is doing (just remembering my C-section where I didn't feel the pain but could feel him pressing on my stomach). I would take an ipod too, I don't like the sounds of the dentist :P If they are just peaking they will cut them out, they cut mine out... 3 out of 4 grew in... I got mine out when I was 19 (along with some baby teeth lmao). I don't get why their reason for not putting you out, they do the gas then and there, strange.

I agree with another mom, your jaw will feel the dull soreness when you open your mouth a certain way.
Going with S.H., I had mine out by a specialist too.

I was surprised people bruise externally on their face. I had no idea that could happen. Try to make sure you take pain killers before you have to fill a prescription (before you leave, or have your ride ask the nurse for some cuz you'll probably be high on life lol) so you won't lapse and be in pain.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I had 1 pulled while I was 6 months pregnant. They wanted to do all 4, since I was already there, but I really didn't feel comfortable with having too many drugs in my system while I was pregnant. They numbed that area with Novocaine, and pulled it out. There were a couple sharp pains while they did it, but other than that it was easy. The recovery, for me, was easy. I drove myself home, but I don't recommend it. The only reason I did was because I didn't know that they were going to pull it when I went in. I went it thinking I was just going to have a cavity filled. Lol, big surprise.

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answers from Boston on

All four of my wisdom teeth were impacted when I had them removed, so I was put out. I was okay pain wise right after the surgery, went home and slept and then woke up in a lot of pain. I also had a lot of swelling that lasted about 3 weeks, the pain medication did help some. I think the discomfort after is worse when the teeth are under the gum (impacted). I would make sure that you have someone to drive you home, help you get your medication and buy you some ice cream.

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answers from Chicago on

I was 18 and had all 4 out at once. It did not turn out so well for me. I was knocked out, thank goodness. I was sick for several days and felt horrible. This was over 20+ years ago. Positive side was that I lost a ton of weight!
Good luck. And yes, you need someone to drive you home and stay with you.

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answers from Columbia on

Ooooooo... i need that done and I am PETRIFIED to do it. I hope you have a good experience. My daughter is going to college and then to dental school. I told her when she graduates she can pull mine. Short of that I am just too chicken, even though they hurt like crazy sometimes. I have had lots of knee and shoulder surgery and handle pain pretty well. I don't know why I can't get the courage up for this one!
Good luck!!!!!!

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answers from Pittsfield on

I had mine out one at a time and it was no big deal. Don't let Mrs. Robinson's response freak you out- You're only having the bottom 2 out and they're at least showing some (2 of mine were like that)- it won't be that bad!!

Just follow the instructions they give you carefully about what to [email protected]'s been about 7 years or so since I had the last one removed, and I think I had to gently swish with salt water several times a day to speed up the healing process- also I was told to NOT drink with a straw. I recommend you get the instructions in writing because you'll be drowsy and only half paying attention afterwards if you're being sedated. (I wasn't sedated at all and I was fine. Really, I was terrified the 1st time- cried and everything- and I was so relieved when it turned out to not nearly be the ordeal I thought it would be!!)
You'll be ok :)

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answers from Kansas City on

I had all 4 of mine cut out, not pulled, when I was 17. Talk about pain.
Worse than both of my C-Sections. Way worse.
I was out of it the next 2 days.

I couldn't handle the 40 minute drive home PLUS the stop at the Pharmacy to get my pain meds.
I remember balling my eyes out and punching the ceiling of my Mom's car.
Awful awful pain.

For the next 2 weeks I had 2 black eyes, swollen, multicolored bruised cheeks, and extremely chapped lips. (Don't know why about that one)

I hope you have some help set up for your son for atleast 2 days.

**I'd like to add that my husband had his out about a year ago. The same way I did- cut out. All 4 of them.

He was eating Wendy's that same night...never bruised or got black eyes.

Just depends on the person I guess.

Also, it was not an unskilled dentist. It was an Oral Surgeon. I don't think my Mother would let a Dentist put me under General and cut 4 teeth out of my jaw. :)

Like I said before- everyone is different.

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answers from Washington DC on

i think mrs. robinson's example is a worst-case scenario, and probably an unskilled dentist. but i also think that eating a hamburger later the same day is an equally unlikely best-case scenario.
i was out when i had all of mine out, and i'm glad. it's good that you have a ride home, even with a local you don't want to have to try and cope with that. DO plan to eat only soft foods for several days. if pudding and jello don't jive, think about cream soups (but lukewarm, not hot) and milkshakes (not through a straw!) and plan on being out of commission for a few days. maybe you'll bounce back the next day, but it doesn't hurt to give yourself a grace period. there's no point in working up a full steam of dread, but you should also be prepared for some recovery time, and residual pain. it is surgery, and not everyone bounces right up after enduring it.
good luck!



answers from Boston on

Please remember we are all different and you could be one of the lucky ones! As for the discomfort or pain, sometimes the perscription drugs they recommend make people quite naseous. So I suggest that before the surgery is done, you ask the dentist what over-the-counter painkillers you can take and in what dosages. Don't take anything the dentist hasn't recommended. Peace.



answers from Tulsa on

You can not drive afterwards. My husband was falling down drunk after this procedure, literally. He even tried to grab the wheel while I was driving.
The IPOD is a great idea.



answers from Honolulu on

I had mine taken out, all at one time.
When I was about your age.
I had it done by an Oral Surgeon.
It really wasn't bad.
A couple had to be cut out too.
Again, my experience was, not that bad.
The procedure was fine and quick.
And I healed fine after.

Mine was done by a Specialist.
Not by my regular Dentist.
I think, that makes a HUGE difference.


answers from Ocala on


Expect a lot of pain.

Good luck.



answers from Santa Barbara on

I had mine out at 17 with an oral surgeon, ate a grilled cheese that afternoon and went to a party that night. My 17 year old daughter on the other hand had two impacted, two peeking out and we did them under general anesthesia (awesome guy). She followed all of the instructions perfectly and still was so swollen and could barely open her mouth for five days. Poor kid missed four days of school and she never misses! You should be fine, everybody is different. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I had all four of mine done when I was 19, and all of them had to be cut out. The procedure was so easy, I didn't even realize what was going on. Afterward I think I took vicodin once, but after that the pain was bearable with tylenol. I was a little swollen and had yellowish bruising, but I was able to eat semi-regular food that night. I had a very good experience with mine.



answers from Los Angeles on

Ooh, I had three wisdoms out all at once last year and it was honestly a piece of cake! The needles in my mouth did not hurt at all. I had some laughing gas too, and that was great. In fact, I find it far more uncomfortable to have my teeth cleaned by a dentist. Each tooth took less than a minute to pull, and I didn't feel a thing except for tugging. good luck!



answers from Youngstown on

Well I was put out for all four at 26 years old. It was the most horrible pain. I was swollen for days and days couldn't talk and if I did I would cry it hurt so bad. I have a very sensitive mouth though. I also can no longer even see whipped yogurt I ate so much of 2 of my teeth were through and the two were compacted and the dentist said it was pretty tough to get them out wich was why I was probably in so much pain. My mom and friends husband however were not put under and just had them pulled(2 at a time) and had no troubl. My mom just took mortin after the first day and my friends husband went to a festival and ate all kinds of food the same it depends on your mouth and your dentist. I have had a molar pulled and it hurts at first then by the next day its not as bad so maybe since yours are through it will be like just getting a tooth pulled. They should give you laughing gas though the dentist did that for my mom...ask. Good luck I feel for you,I would rather have a baby then go through that again!



answers from Glens Falls on

I had the top 2 out with novacaine and left the dentist's office to meet my boss for lunch (I had soup.) I had the bottom 2 out with anesthesia a year later. The procedure was fine and I felt ok afterwards but I did get dry socket a couple of days later - I was a smoker at the time and that was my undoing. So just take care of yourself afterwards and you'll be fine. Like most procedures, the worst part is the anticipation!

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