Getting My Daughter to Poopy in the Potty?

Updated on December 17, 2008
E.S. asks from Niles, MI
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My daughter is almost two years old and for the past couple weeks she has decided that she wants to start going potty like a big girl. She showed all the signs and started calling me in the bathroom where I would find her standing next to the toilet trying to pee like her brothers. We decided she was ready and started potty-training. Most days she does so well and can be dry in her big girl undies. Even on the days where she is dry all day though, she still won't go poop in the potty. I thought getting her her favorite undies might help like it did with my boys because they didn't want to ruin them. No luck. I tried giving her an M&M as a reward for going in the potty (she did do it once and it was a celebration!) but it doesn't help. I have even been using a timer and putting her on the potty every 20 min. She will pee every time or she will tell me when she has to pee but I just can't get her to poop. Any helpful hints or advice? I know she is still young but it's frustrating that she will have no accidents all day except for once a day (twice on some days) when she poops.

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So What Happened?

we took a break from the potty for a while, she was having more and more accidents so we just figured she wasn't really ready and with her not even being two yet we weren't really worried about it. as of a week ago she is back in her undies, staying dry all day and on all our outings, she is even waking up to potty and staying dry all night! no matter what though, that little darling just won't poop in the toilet and i just don't know what to do about it! it's really frustrating because if it wasn't for that she would be potty trained! i just don't understand! i still need help!

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answers from Kalamazoo on

It'll just take time. When she does poop in her undies, change her in the bathroom and dump the poop in the potty so she can see where it goes and let her flush it down. She is already doing so well, I'm sure it'll just be another month or so and she'll be all done. Track her and see does she poop at about the same time everyday? If so, read her books on the potty during that time.



answers from Jackson on

My daughter had this exact same you notice when she poops that she will go into another room to go, and you will hear her grunting? Little girls have issues with pooping in public sometimes...thats the case with my little one...I had to put her potty in a different room, show her where it was and tell her to go poopy on the potty too, and then shed dissapear and of course I knew where she was...and you make an even bigger deal for them when they poopy on the potty at first. Try that and see if it helps because thats all it took for mine and hopefully will work for yours!!!



answers from Detroit on

it will happen in time. She is not even 2 yet so she's doing great! It takes a bit longer to acomplish the poop thing. Peeps happens quick since they do it alot more than the poops. :-) More chances.
Def keep track of when she usually poops. That is your target time for occupying the bathroom. But if she's like some kids it comes when it comes. No schedule. Let her see you put it in the potty and let her flush it. Do not make a big deal about it disappearing. Just say its going in the poop garbage... Don't want her to be afraid of the toilet.

You have already accomplished training 2 boys. Let me tell you this... Girls are easier. You are on the road to diaper free living. The road is always longer than WE want it, but she will get there in her own time.



answers from Detroit on

Pooping is just different. She will do it when she is ready, and there is really nothing you can do to speed it up. Giving my son a stool for his feet helped...they aren't used to pooping sitting...most kids poop standing up.

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