Getting Mildew Smell Out of Stuffed Animal

Updated on July 04, 2012
S.F. asks from Madison, WI
8 answers

My daughter won a big stuffed moose at a carnival. When we got it home I noticed it smells of mildew. Is there any way to get the smell out?

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answers from Washington DC on

A carnival stuffed animal probably can't withstand the washing machine. I'd spray it with vinegar water or fabreez and leave it out in the sun for a day.

Good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

Yes, throw it away. If it smells of mildew, it is probably riddled with mildew inside.

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answers from Kansas City on

Is it too big to go in the washer? If so then I guess I would spray it down with vinegar and water and scrub it with a rag. Then probably put it out in the sun for a while. I know you don't want it to fade, but even if maybe you put it in a shady-ish spot it will probably help. Once the vinegar dries it won't smell like that anymore.

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answers from Boise on

Vinegar.....great for cat pee and a natural fabric softener.

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answers from Cincinnati on

Just wash it. My home has a moisture problem and anything I store in the closets for to long has a musty mildew smell. After a trip in the washer it smells fine.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

If it's washable...try the washing machine.
If it's not (like has those pellets in it) try the sun and a massive dose of Febreeze.

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answers from Minneapolis on

More than spray with vinegar--pour it on full strength on as much surface area as you can. Let dry outside. The smell, both mildew and vinegar, will go away.


answers from Washington DC on


Do you have a top loader or a front loader washer?

How big is this moose? If it will fit in a washer - put it in on delicate and use hot water with baking soda and lemon juice with your normal detergent. Then put it in the dryer on high heat.

If that doesn't get rid of it? Throw it out. Sorry!!!

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