Getting MASSIVE Junk Mail in the Ex Wife's Name at My House?

Updated on October 27, 2010
K.I. asks from Lindenhurst, NY
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Hi All,
So, recently I have started getting A LOT of junk mail at my house addressed to my hubby's ex-wife, only it is addressed with her name as it was when she was married to my hubby, not with her current married name.

Hubby and I have been married for 13+ years and hubby and the ex were divorced and she has been remarried for 14+ years. We bought this house 10 years ago, the ex has never resided at our address...why all of a sudden is this happening and how do I go about stopping it? Do I have to call EVERY place that sent us the junk mail and ask to be taken off the mailing list? That's gonna suck because it is a serious amount of junk mail....we are totally getting spammed!

Thanks guys and as always, any and all thoughts welcomed and appreciated!

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answers from Chicago on

Junk mail frequently comes with a return envelope. I open the letter, take all the stuff, including the envelope it came it, shove it into the return envelope and send it back to the sender. They NEVER send you another one.

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answers from Boise on

Write "wrong address, return to sender" or "no such person" and put it back in the mailbox.

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answers from Houston on

No clue. My dad died almost 10 years ago and we have moved like 4 times since he died, so he has obviously never lived here... but for some reason, every now and then we get junk mail for him too.

You have to call the places and have her do a change of address for her name that you are receiving. Or, put "return to sender" "wrong address" on the letters and stick them back in the mail box.

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answers from Dallas on

I read once that a guy took the preprinted return envelope that comes in a lot of junk mail and taped in on a box with a brick in it and sent it back to the sender. The sender has to pay for the postage of that package - with the brick in the package the postage gets costly - they will take your name off their list.

I agree with another post, do an address change card - who cares if you technically can't do that!!!!!!



answers from Madison on

I second what Alice suggested. this is what I did:
Open the junk mail, with a thick black marker write "Please take this address off your mailing list" on the form you are supposed to fill. Shove everything into the prepaid envelope and send it back.
It doesn't cost you anything, just a little time but I had to do this only once with each company and they no longer send me junk mail...

In your case, doing a "change of address" for her also sounds like a good idea.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Ask her to do a change of address card.



answers from Philadelphia on

I was told by our postal carrier that when it comes to junk mail that is sent without an actual postage stamp (you know, the kind that comes pre-printed with "presorted, postage paid"), that most of the time the post office just trashes the mail without sending it back to sender if you attempt to return the unopened mail. So in reality, it never really makes it back to the junk mailer and you are never removed from their mailing list. So unfortunately, you might have to contact each business and ask to be removed, which could take up to 60+ days for it to take effect. Sorry. :( Junk mail is the worst and such a waste of resources!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

I was a mail carrier and they dont send back just mail it is just tossed. Contact your post office and talk to the post master. Have them make sure you no longer recieve her mail.
I had a person on my route that you never delievered mail to his house that was address to his ex. Thats about the best way to stop it from comming.
If you have a good carrier it will stop.



answers from Las Vegas on

You can't complete a change of address card because it is suppose to be completed and signed by the person completing the card, well technically you can't.

Someone has gotten a hold of their marriage records and crossed it with you address. So many companies pay someone to do their direct mail and it will be difficult to get to the culprit.

I search a lot of people in my job and once called a woman who had been married for several years and she was going nuts because everyone was calling her asking for the X. As it turned out the X owed some money and people were looking.


answers from Austin on

Go to the post office and fill out a change of address. Have it all sent to her current address.. If that does not work, just trash it.. I know it is a waste of paper, but sometimes, it just never stops..

I admit we have been in this house for over 20 years and still get mail for grandmother that used to live here.. I have always wanted to fill out a change of address with new address:
Heaven Box. 1..

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