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Updated on January 09, 2008
A.B. asks from San Antonio, TX
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Okay so my boyfriend and i have been together for 4 yrs, we have one beautiful daughter together that is 16 months. We are finally getting married on Jan. 31st. We are going to Vegas for the honeymoon. I dont want a big wedding I just want it to be me and him and a priest. Ive heard that the stress of wedding planning can take a toll on the bride. well i dont want the start of our lives as a married couple to be stressing. So my question is does anyone know the quickest and easiest way to say our "I DO's" Here in Tulsa? I dont want to get married in Vegas.

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So What Happened?

Okay so we finally got it all set. I found a cute little chapel in Claremore. We are getting married on the 30th of this month, and then heading to Vegas for out honeymoon the next day!!

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i hope your wedding was great.....and i think i know of the chapel in claremore.....i got married back in october and i even looked at a chapel in was really cute...but we decided on a winery down in luther, ok......ihope you weren't too stressed out and hope you had a blast.....congrats!


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You could ger married at the court clerks office! Good Luck.



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It's not IN Tulsa, but a nice little drive (an hour, give or take a few minutes) to Miami, OK and you can go to Lavern's - ... it's a nice little old chapel, and I think they may still even keep a shotgun behind the door. ;)



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My husband and I got married in Vegas as a spur of the moment decision. (13 years ago) I had been married before and had a somewhat large wedding and yes- it was very stressful.

The Vegas wedding was so wonderful. We picked Treasure Island, but since the inception of the Internet, you could probably look at all the places offered within a short time frame with no phone calls. All we did was show up at the appointed time. They did everything- the flowers, the video, the music and the photographs. My only stress with that ordeal was finding suitable clothing.

We have recommended that type of wedding to anyone and everyone that will listen. If you can afford it, I say stick with your original plan and go to Vegas.
(I think we had to go to the Vegas courthouse and get the license).....................M

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