Getting dressed...are There Any Truly Comfortable Jeans?

Updated on November 13, 2010
M.R. asks from Edmonds, WA
17 answers

I really need advice from moms in their 50''s who dress nice but colder cliimates.....

We recently moved to a climate where I need to wear long pants....I have always worn capris.

I honestly cannot find a pair of jeans or khakis that I think is comfortable enough to wear all day. I am a bit heavier in my middle right now. So perhaps I should buy jeans that fit my waste then have them altered? I've tried the famous Nordstrom brand, Not Your Daughter jeans....did not like them.

My preference is to wear nice sweat outfits, but I'm getting bored of that combo all the time.

I tend to dress in Talbot's style clothing, but I'm just so darn uncomfortable ALL the time...No matter what I put on I can hardly wait to get it off later in the day....

What are your most comfortable but nice looking outfits?

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answers from Cleveland on

I haven't read all the replies, so please forgive duplication.

i love Eddie Bauer , Lands End, and LL Bean jeans. I have also had luck sometimes with Lee jeans, depends on the style.

Good luck!

K. Z.

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answers from Phoenix on

I like to go to Ross Dress for Less and try jeans on. Sometimes you have to go a few times before you find the right ones and sometimes there is a great selection but the price is always right.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Not in my 50's (but it's getting seriously close!) but I do like Dockers jeans (dark wash, straight, not tapered leg) and Docker's pants in general.
I'd say definitely make sure they fit at the waist, then see if anything else could benefit from a little tailoring.
I also like layers--tanks, tees, cardigans, etc on the top. Then you can adjust for temperature.
Oh! And I do like Levi's too!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You should try CJ by Cookie Johnson (magic johnson's wife) They are supposed to fit really nice fo an older figure. I am loving GAP jeans these me better than premium and MUCH cheaper. It is tough to buy for the waist and then get the bum and legs altered. My middle is my problem also. IT is much easeir to buy for the bottom and take the waist in.

Also-go to this website for advice on this-you will love it I guarantee you will get some great feedback.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Have you tried Joe's Jeans? they have what they call "honey" for the more curvy.. Macy's usually has MANY to choose from.. as does Nordstroms. again , you will pay up.. however, for less expensive... Old Navy has some cute ones call the Dreamer.. again for the curvy type.
the not your daughter jeans are in my opinion, a little on the frumpy side.. no offense ladies who like them..
anyway.. try Joes.. or the dreamer at old navy

best of luck

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answers from Albuquerque on

Docker's are really awesome, I wear them all the time. You can get them in a lower waist or regular, depending on your taste. The Levi 505's are great too, one of my favorites, they're made for those of us who aren't built like a stick figure! ; ) Another option I like are Aura's, they're a western brand, the waist isn't up to your ribs but it's a little higher than the low rise jeans. They're really comfortable but a little pricy. Layering is great, a simple T worn with a sweater or shrug can be dressed up or down depending on the shrug and what you wear on the bottom. Plus, if you get the layering right, it can hide a multitude of 'sins'! ; )

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answers from New York on

I'm now 51 - and yes - our bodies change. I used to have a flat falt stomach and carry my weight in my thighs - now it's all in my stomach. <SIGH>

It seems that whenever I find a style that fits well, looks good and is comofrtable they stop making it - so when I find some thing I like I buy one in every color. To make matters worse, I'm tall with long legs so I have to buy "longs". I wear pants for work every day and jeans for weekends, etc.

My suggestions:
Try Pennys - I go to the store and try on a few different styles. There's a Lee jeans twill pants that has an elastic waist but doesn't look like it. When I find the style that fits me I go online and buy the size color I like.

Right now Sears (believe it or not) has a brand "Apostrophe" that has 3 or 4 different fits. Rosa, Fiona, etc. The Fiona style is relaxed in the waist and not baggy in the butt. They even had longs - so I bought one in black, gray and brown - they didn't have my size in navy - darn. These are dress slacks and are only about $25 - doesnt' sound right but it is and they wash & wear well too.

Another option is to check out men's jeans / pants.

I know the styles that don't work for women of a certain age: dockers, ll bean, ann taylor, banana republic, eddie bauer, etc. They are all cut with nipped waists and broad thighs...\

Good luck!

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answers from Sacramento on

I'm 40 but sounds like I have similar taste (love Talbot's). Have you tried mid-rise pants? I've found that now that I have more weight centered in my mid-section after kids, mid-rise is most comfortable. Too high and you feel trapped in the pants and too low, you just bulge out. Mid-rise hits just right.

Eddie Bauer makes some great jeans in all sorts of different fits and styles. They're extra soft and to me, they're like wearing sweats.

My go-to style in the fall is a pair of jeans or khakis with a sweater. Throw a necklace with it and I look put-together. So much better than sweat outfits.

I have yet to find pants that just fit me off the rack, so I have to take mine in to alterations to have the waist taken in. It's worth it to get the right fit.

Good luck!

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answers from Seattle on

Yup... ALWAYS fit by your largest part, and then get the rest tailored.

I personally have a 36" inseam... so I have to shop Italian & UK in order to get jeans that are long enough. But if they are too small in any area... they are just UNCOMFY. Even if I need to get the waist nipped in, getting the length is what is important. My girlfriend has large thighs. So she has to buy 2 sizes bigger than she needs for her waist and gets it nipped in. It's all about fitting to the largest part of you and then tailoring. Fortunately tailoring is cheap.

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answers from Atlanta on

I second J. Jill! GREAT clothing! Eddie Bauer, Land's End -and believe it or not -JCPenney all have great jeans in a variety of styles, waist options, lengths, petite, regular, tall, plus-sized, plus-sized petite -lots of options! I'm taller, but I get great jeans from those places. My mother was short and gained all of her weight in her belly, and she also had great luck with J. Jill, Land's End and Penneys.

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answers from Phoenix on

Jeans are difficult. The only brand i found that works for me is Michael Kors but i need the petite so it is sometimes hard to find (Loehmann's or Steinmart..) I also liked the Macy's store brand (INC) in a plain/no pocket/little stretch straight leg pant that looks as close to a legging that a 50 yr old would wear (I'm almost there).My trick is to buy 3 sizes in a pant that I like. My usual size, a size up, and a size down. If you feel thin on with the smaller pant, fat on with the bigger. The legging look also looks nice with a mini dress and is cozy and comfy without looking dressed down.

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answers from Denver on

I am 45, not my 50s, and this style may not be for you - but - I have a heck of a time finding comfy jeans too. I recently picked up a pair of Venus jeans at my local thrift store. I found them online as well afterwards because I love them.

They are cut for grown women who have hips and thighs and they accomodate my mid-life 10 month post-pregnancy/post-2nd C-Section stomach without making me look like a sausage.

Godd luck!

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answers from State College on

I'm younger, but I love gap jeans. They have many styles and three lengths in at least most of the styles to choose from. They are one of the only brands I can wear that are actually comfortable on and fit well. I also have a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans that are a relaxed boot cut and are really comfty. They are a slightly lighter weight demin, so I can still move easily in them.

Finding jeans is a pain. My best advice would be to go to several stores and just keep trying on jeans and find something that feels right. I love lee capris and one pair of pants I have from them, but their jeans are not comfortable at all for me. Usually when I get a new pair it is a marathon shopping day of trying on many pairs to see what works that year.

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answers from Chicago on

Hi there,

I'm not in my 50s,but do have a hard time finding clothes- especially pants. I am petite but have what is considered a long inseam for a five footer. I also just had a second baby and am a bit "soft" still. My jeans/cords are the only things I feel comfy wearing w/o looking like a stuffed pillow. :-)

Your post doesn't say whether you are petite or not, but in my long time hunt for a place that sells stylish petite clothes I came across J.Jill. Normally you find frumpy petite clothes with an inseam just short of high waters. J.Jill clothes are fabulous! They sell regular clothes and petites and they are very stylish (don't necessarily read this as overly hip,trendy, and skinny). There are different fits that are described very well in the catalog and online.

Their fine wale cords are excellent (not too thick)!!!! The jeans are also great! Soft, durable, excellent cut(s), perfect inseam (29" for petites). Another good thing about the cut that I wear is that they have perfect butt pocket placement. Usually the pockets are either on the back of your thighs in the skinny jeans or they are so far apart that it makes your butt look two axe handles wide. These are perfectly placed. While the other cuts are not right for my figure, I'm sure that was taken into consideration for those as well.

The website often has sales that are not in store. If you find a location, I'd go in and try a bunch of different items on (shirts too as they are cut large) and then check out the website. If I remember correctly J.Jill is owned by Talbots but it's not so stuffy. I really don't think you could go wrong with J.Jill!

Hope this helps!!!! :-)

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answers from Augusta on

Not in my 50s but do have some GREAT jeans.
I LOVE my Levi's 505's They are the only jeans that fit me right. I have a big butt and thighs and these are the only ones that feel right.
I found a pair of Lee Khakis too that feel good, got um at Kohls . good prices usually.
My mom , in your age range likes the Gloria Vanderbuilt jeans/ slacks also found at Kohls

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answers from New York on

Ann Taylor Loft jeans... awesome with a sweater and great "flat" boots. They come in many washes and shapes.

I also invested in a pair of Michael Khors jeans recently b/c I have been spending less on jeans that I hate within a month. They were pricey, but I'm wishing I had bought a second pair in case I can't find them again!

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answers from Phoenix on

Gap jeans...
try the Boyfriend & Long & Lean styles first .. then possibly the Perfect Boot and Curvy
the Long & Lean are made to make you look long and lean, with a slightly flared leg opening - they are super flattering!
the Boyfriend's are the most relaxed ones..and very cute on

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