Getting Desitin Out of Clothes

Updated on June 22, 2011
L. asks from Charlotte, NC
9 answers

Does anyone have any tips for getting Desitin (the ointment) out of clothes? I was diapering my son on my lap last night (because he was in pain from the rash) and ended up getting it all over my pants - cotton - and can't seem to get it out. I really like the pants, so don't want to have to throw them out. Thanks!

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answers from Hickory on

Use Dawn dishwashing liquid (it's the best on grease) and a Crest Spinbrush (or other battery-powered toothbrush)to work it in. Launder in the hottest water you can. If it doesn't all come out in the first wash, do the Dawn and Spinbrush again. Don't dry the pants in the dryer until the Desitin is out. As far as the suggestion to take it to a professional dry cleaner for advice, you've just done that. My husband and I own a dry cleaners, and there are expensive chemicals in existence to break up grease, but this is what we would advise you to try. Good luck.

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answers from Lexington on

wash the pants alone in a warm wash cycle with a squirt of dawn dish soap, then a cold wash with nothing. the dawn should break up the petroleum based "grease" in the rash cream. you could also try rubbing the spot with a moist bar of ivory soap, and then washing. good luck.



answers from Cincinnati on

Try Goo gone you can get it at Wal-Mart or home-depot etc. I had diaper cream on my pack and play and tried several things with no success. After looking through all my cleaning supplies found the Goo gone and thought why not. I poured some on the stains and it came right out with no discoloring. Thanks Goo gone.



answers from Knoxville on

Hi L.,
I have never tried to get Desitin out of clothes, but I find that using a dishwashing detergent usually gets grease spots out of clothes. I just rub some into the spot and wash it like your normally would. Check to see if it came out before you put it in the dryer! Hope you get it out! Laundry and getting stains out are an ongoing battle!!



answers from Charlotte on

Try some vinegar - that always takes out grease stains and fabric softner stains for me. just pour some on and scrub with a soft brush (like an old toothbrush) to work into the fabric. Good Luck!



answers from Knoxville on

I got some on my jeans the other week and it doesn't come out in the wash but I found if you take the fabric and rub it together on itself it will work its way into the fabric or something and you can't see it. It is a trick I used to do with deoderant stains when I worked in retail.



answers from Raleigh on

Take them to a professional dry cleaners for advice.



answers from Charlotte on

Try Lestoil, it is a detergent that is primarily used to fight grease. I recently used it on clothing that my daughter got sunscreen on and it came right out. Good luck!



answers from Louisville on

always came out in the wash for me. if its a diff fabric take it to the dry cleaners and see what they can do

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