Getting Burdock Burrs Out of Butt Length Kids Hair.

Updated on November 05, 2011
M.J. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I'm in tears, my 4 year old went head to head with a Burrdock plant and got 4 huge, mature burrs in her beautiful butt length hair. Then before coming to me she tried to get them out and now has made it a complete and utter mess its a clump of hair and burr. What can I do to get them out with out hurting her more, or cutting her hair off?

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So What Happened?

it happened mid way down its just one big clump. I am going to do the conditioner plus Mayo first...

We used mineral oil and doused her head in it. we took a wide tooth comb and combed it almost completely out, then we took a fine tooth and picked the rest out and combed out he matts. Then washed her hair 2x's with shampoo. NO conditioner. It was greasy for a day or two but a bath every day with a good shampoo got rid of the grease completely. No cutting and very few tears.

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I would call and explain to the salon what happened.. Make an appointment then have one inch trim to trim split ends off. Sorry that happened.

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It the ingredient in conditioner that makes hair "slippery", and it's what's used in labs to make glassware slide.

It's the SLIPPERIEST STUFF (nearly) on the planet.

The strands will just slide right out of the bur prongs with no problem. ((Naturally curly hair + spending a lot of time in the canyons in so cal = I've used glycerine on my hair many, many, many times. Those burs are like SUPERGLUE without it. My mum also used it the FIRST time I decided to put dreadlocks in my hair, and had them out in 3 hours. The 2nd and 3rd times she just combed. them. out. over. a. week. long. period. Ouch!!!))

You can buy it at most drug stores.

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It depends, where are the burrs located? If they are the lower half of the hair, yes, I would cut it off (as a last resort), her hair will still be beautiful and long.

But, since this is a common issue with horses manes/tails, there are tips to get them out to try first. Lots of conditioning and combing (from the bottom working your way up). I'm a hairstylist so this is what I would do:

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I agree, loads and loads of conditioner until it is heavy and wet and then a wide tooth comb, start at the ends and work ur way up.

Not quite the same, but I went on a fasting retreat thing where we didn't eat or shower or anything for 5 days.
I wore a knit cap the entire time, even to bed, as it was winter. My hair was one huge matted knot.
You CAN get it out though.
Good luck! :)

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What about putting lots of hair conditioner in her hair and using a wide-tooth comb? Start at the bottom of her hair and work up, this helps with tangles so may help with the burrs. Hope you can get them out without having to cut her hair :((

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Maybe a little mineral oil to make everything slippery? If you do have to cut, cut with the scissors vertically first and then try to work the burrs out that way.

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I would definitely try slittpery stuff/conditioner first,a dn picting it out with a wide toothed comb from the bottom up... if that doesn't work and you feel the need to cut, PLEASE have a pro do it. They can probably cut out the burrs, and then camoflauge the shorter areas, by putting some layers in and not have to whack off the whole length of her hair.



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You can also try a hair salon - Mayo might condition her hair well enough to loosen some of the burrs.

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