Getting Blood Out of Clothes?

Updated on April 19, 2011
J.L. asks from Durham, NC
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My son was attacked by a dog last night and we had a long er visit, but all will be ok. Hopefully he doesn't have a fear of dogs now. He got a few staples and is on antibiotics. My question is me and him were unfornately both wearing new shirts that now have many blood stains on them. Does anyone know any good tricks to getting blood out of clothes? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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answers from Clarksville on

I soaked my daughter's shirt in a sink of peroxide and water. (about 70/30 mix) overnight and it took it out. Her shirt was yellow. The key is to use COLD water.

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answers from Seattle on

Depending on the fabric or color peroxide can help as can soaking in baking soda. If it's white(plain)bleach could work as could color-safe bleach. Best of luck and glad everything is okay.

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answers from Waterloo on

are the shirts white or colored
test in a small spot if colored if white ok to just use peroxicide it will bubble up the blood then soak in cold water with oxyclean and dish soap i work in a laundry at a hospital we wash alot of blood good luck

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answers from Chicago on

Cold water and white vinegar. Soak in vinegar for about 15min, then rinse with cold water.

I'm glad your son is OK!

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answers from Indianapolis on

Hydrogen Peroxide gets blood out very well. Pour straight peroxide on it and let it bubble and sit for a few minutes, rinse in cold water and repeat if needed. Also if you take some laundry soap and borax and mix them and scrub it into the stain that should help get out anything that is left over after the Peroxide.

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answers from New York on

I did not read the other posts, but I have always used a bar of Ivory soap with a scrub brush. Then I throw the item in the washer like regular - cold water and all. This always seems to work well for grass and blood stains, but I use it for lots of other things too.

Glad all is well. I am sorry that your son enountered a dog with an irresponsible owner too!


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answers from Eugene on

Soak in cool water to remove excess blood from the stain. Spit on the stain. Sounds gross but this really works. Your saliva has the same enzymes as blood and breaks it down. Pour liquid detergent on the stain and rub the fabric and rinse. Repeat the whole process til the stain comes out.

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answers from Cleveland on

Peroxide! u put it on.. it bubbles, put more on and it'll bubble again.. it's awesome! Helps for those times of the month too :) Even gets stuff out of mattresses! Good Luck :)

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answers from Houston on

I have had good luck with oxyclean. You may have to soak & wash more than once. (in cold of course!)

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answers from Dallas on

Wet clothing and apply baking soda generously to the area. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse and repeat until the blood has faded. I just did this a couple of days ago and it worked pretty well. For good measure I used stain remover before I washed my shirt and it seemed to come out pretty well. I am glad your son is okay.



answers from Memphis on

Soak in coldwater with Oxyclean. Do not dry until the stains are completly gone. Keeping soaking, in fresh cleaning water until it is gone, then hang to dry, do not put in dryer until stains are gone. Keep cleaning them until it's gone, no hot water, no dryer.



answers from Seattle on

I agree with MandA and say soak in cold water and the vinegar. It always does the trick for me. So glad that your son is doing okay!

If it doesnt work then maybe a detergent soak with spray and wash.
If nothing works then at least your son is okay! The health of your son is worth more than the price of a shirt :)

Hope he has a quick recovery!!



answers from Jacksonville on

So sorry to hear about your son and I hope he has a fast recovery!! As far as the blood goes, use windex, the regular kind. Spray it on the blood, launder it in cold water and retreat if needed but don't put it in the dryer till you are happy with the results.




answers from Baton Rouge on

Hydrogen peroxide. Put it directly on the blood stain and let it bubble up, then wash in COLD water.
I learned that trick when I worked in animal hospitals - it's how we got blood out of our scrubs.

Glad to hear your littlun is going to be okay.



answers from Salt Lake City on

hydrogen peroxide will take it right out as long as you have not washed and dried it. put some on let it bubble rinse with cold water repeat till its out



answers from Knoxville on

Hydrogen Peroxide will get blood out great. Sorry to hear about the attack. And, hope all will be okay.



answers from Lexington on

Hydrogen peroxide but pour it on the stains before you wash the clothes.



answers from Houston on

Hydrogen peroxide. A nurse told me this. It works like a charm! You use it to clean your skin, ya know? I just saturate it, and let it soak for a bit before washing. Also works for grape juice!



answers from San Francisco on

Pre-treat with Shout or Spray-N-Wash and wash in cold water.



answers from Atlanta on

HI J.,

Natural enzymes are the only thing that will get out natural things like mud or blood. I use a product called Solumel that works everytime. Make sure you don't put it in the dryer until all the blood is gone. Cold water helps to break it up as well but the fluoride and chlorine in most tap water does not help.

My two cents!


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