Getting Back to "Normal" After a Yeast Infection

Updated on April 28, 2010
C.B. asks from Midland, TX
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I recently within the last few months have had 2 yeast infections. I had never had one previously. I began taking acidophilus after my prescribed treatment. The infection is gone and I feel back to normal until sex. After sex, the outside of my vagina is itchy and irritated for a day or so. I have NO idea what to do! This is what happened the 2 months in between my yeast infections. It was very irritated and never got back to normal. Any suggestions besides taking a good probiotic. i try to do things naturally. HELP!!

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answers from Tulsa on

go back to doc and get meds for yeast infection and tell them he needs an antibiotic too. he has it and keeps passing it back to you. I had to do this with my husband because of the same reason.

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answers from Dallas on

It is possible you are dealing with bacterial vaginosis - which is caused when the pH of the vagina gets disrupted - after yeast infection treatments, through hormonal changes, antibitoic use, and sexual intercourse (to name a few).... if the itching and irritation comes back after intercourse - you need to go back to the Dr. for further testing. There are many treatments for BV - but no real "cures" it can keep coming back...Rephresh helps maintain the vaginal pH - it can be purchased over the counter at pharmacies.

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answers from Chicago on

It sounds like your partner may have one. It's not always obvious to men.

I agree with one of the prior posts about treatment options. I'm going to guess here, based on my experiences....

Your utereus has many folds in it, like our brains. There is a chance that there is still some risidual yeast hiding in a fold somewhere. Then when you get anything wet in there, it flares, swimming, baths or your period. Since yeast thrives on moist environments and feeds on sugars you need to combat those two things.

I would keep taking the acidopholous...check with your OB how much you can take in one day. Also, keep it stored in the fridge. Push tons of vanilla or plain LOW SUGAR yogurt. Reduce all sugar intake. Wear cotton underpants and nothing at night to allow yourself to air out. Stick to showers for awhile, no baths or swimming. You can most definitely insert the yogurt into yourself, just like you would that "old" cream Monistat. It can also be used on the outside...I have to say, it's cold and gooey, but it works and it's cheap!

You can also talk to your doctor about Diflucan. It's an oral antifungal. I had to be put on a 10 day supply once to really knock out the infection.

There is also a "formulary" you can be put on. This was only available at certain pharmacies that still mix their own solutions. It is mixed to order and inserted. Think of it as a super antifungal.

The acidopholous should help keep the infections at bay AFTER you get over this nasty one.

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answers from Columbia on

Perhaps your partner might need treated for yeast as well.
Good luck!

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answers from Norfolk on

Try getting some plain yogurt. Before you shower, take several tablespoons of it and warm it up. Apply directly to where it itches. It really helps. If you can get your partner interested in showering with you, apply some yogurt to him, too.

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answers from Indianapolis on

OK, so my response is probably going to really creep some people out, but here's the reality of things......

I'd first find out if you have a recurrent yeast infection that is resistant to the treatments you've used. Yeast are fungi which make them a little more difficult to treat than bacteria.

Is it possible you're having an allergic reaction to a condom, lubricant, etc. from sex as opposed to having recurrent yeast infections?

Finally, I took 2 Fungi classes in college (Bio major), and one of the professor's recommendations to prevent yeast infections (vs. treating) was to take plain yogurt and slather it on the affected area - the cultures in the yogurt help neutralize the yeast (candida albicans in most cases).

Of course, I'd recommend talking to your OB/GYN first. It has to be plain yogurt (not vanilla) - and now with yogurts containing probiotics, I don't know that would affect the ability to neutralize the yeast.

Interesting none-the-less.
Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

I found raw Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother (Bragg Brand) is helpful with yeast infections.

Take 2 teaspoons and mix it with water and 2 teaspoons of raw, unpasturized honey and sip during the day.

You can make a sitz bath with it, fill the bathtub with warm water just enough to cover "down there." Add a cup of raw Apple Cider vinegar and just sit in it. You can also douche with it as well. I know some people have read that douching is bad, but I've found douching with raw apple cider vinegar to be the best cure! It's not gross like all the creams, it actually dries it out and balances the PH therefore getting rid of the yeast.

Hope that helps!

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi C.,

Yeast infections are systemic of what is going on within the body. They usually take months to go away because if yeast is showing in the vaginal canal (mouth for thrush, etc) then your body is eaten up with it. The outside is the last place it is seen because it breeds in the warmth of your body. You may not have gotten rid of it completely. A supplement called Tanalbit (from will get rid of it if you remove sugar from your diet. Acidophilus is mostly for maintenance.

The other issue is that your husband may have it. Yeast is alive and it will breed anywhere it is warm so he could be passing it to you without even knowing he has it.

God bless,


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answers from Raleigh on

I had a friend of mine was just dealing with the same issue. She went through months of problems like this only to find out (after quite a few tests) that she has eczema "down there". They put her on a cream or pill (I can't remember) for it, and she has been great ever since. I suggest maybe going to your OB-GYN and having them run some tests to see if it could be something other than a yeast infection.



answers from Boise on

I have had this occasionally and find that it can be related to a lack of natural lubrication. Have you tried using a lubricant? Afterwards, do you clean yourself up? I always feel better when I use wipe like tucks or prep H, just to feel clean. (I don't think that medicated is necessary, it is just what is on hand.)



answers from Chicago on

i agree with the other posters.....i had been dealing with this myself for quite a few years. right before and right after my periods i would feel the itch of the yeast infection coming on and usually like clockwork after my period i would get one. i usually try and eat yogurt when i feel the itch and also have the monistat on hand. i also had that itch come back right after sex and i found that if you use the bathroom right after sex and clean the area with a wet towel and let it air dry very very well it would help to keep the symptoms at bay. i dont know how i got over this, but i found that it was really the worst the 2 years after having each of my kids. maybe our bodies are out of wack a little and this affects it. good luck

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