Getting a Flat Tummy After Pregnancy

Updated on December 05, 2011
N.A. asks from Garden City, MI
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I gave birth to my second baby six months ago, and from that time to now, I'm trying to loose my tummy weight and get my shape back but I couldn't. I read a lot on the web and tried to do a lot of the exercises but it seems not to be working enough. Do you have any advise how to get a flat tummy after giving birth? How long does it take? and if I'm planning on a third pregnancy soon, does that mean I lost my shape forever?


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answers from Detroit on

It can take about 2 years for your internal organs to go back to normal after a pregnancy, so don't get discouraged! There is no such thing as losing your shape forever, lol! I know it sounds discouraging to get back into shape right before planning another pregnancy - but it will make the next "getting into shape" time easier then if you just let things go.

I'd suggest doing some core exercises along with cardio to burn the fat. It will come. It takes a while to retrain those stretched out ab muscles, but they can do it. Once they get stronger, they'll burn off more of the fat and the skin will go back in time as well.

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answers from Phoenix on

Please check out for "post-pregnancy core rebuilding exercises". There is no such thing as "spot reduction" when it comes to fitness. In other words, just doing exercise targeted at the abdominal muscles will only create a trim tummy if combined with a healthy diet, cardio, and strength training. I have 3 children and my youngest is turning 2 soon. I just lost my last 12 lbs and FINALLY have a toned stomach again. It takes time and lots of effort, but totally worth it to regain health and fitness.
I highly encourage you to give your body an 18 month break from date of your last delivery before trying to conceive again. It will help prevent preterm labor/preterm birth, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and other pregnancy complications. Also, new research indicates that siblings under 2 yrs apart are more likely to have autism than those spaced slightly further apart. Don't rush through these precious, exhausting years with little ones. Enjoy them! Nurse Midwife Mom

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answers from Milwaukee on

Are your intentions to get rid of fat or to just firm up the abdominals? If you are looking to get rid of fat, I HIGHLY recommend the Couch-5K plan. I lost all my baby weight and then some by completing the program. I started it 6 months after my 2nd child was born! Good luck if you do it....they have a facebook page so you can go there for support & advice.

Otherwise, if you're just looking to firm up your ab muscles, sit-ups and plank and a body sculpt class would be awesome! :)

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answers from Williamsport on

All mine took about a year, and that's WITH diet and lots of exercise. I had my third 2 years ago, and I did lose the belly, but BOY does it like to come back!!!

The main thing is: The Belly Goes Last! If you have 10 pounds, or five pounds, or 15 pounds of extra weight to lose, it's ALL in the belly, and the belly doesn't flatten out until all other extra weight is gone.

So the best thing you can do is the most EFFECTIVE work outs for losing the most calories. Spot treating your abs is not as effective, because if you are burning less calories by isolating abs and only doing an abs class for example, you might have strong muscles under the belly, but you'll still have the belly. You're better off doing workouts that burn large muscles, like thighs and butt, and shoulders, etc for maximum calorie burn INCLUDING abs, but you just want the most calories burned per workout all over your body. Zumba is awesome for all over muscle toning, waist, and cardio all in one packed hour.

When I'm all slimmed down, my belly is perfectly flat, but when I slack and put on a few pounds, the belly pokes right back out first. I'm 41 and have three kids. you'll get your body back after your third with work, but the belly disappears last and comes back first!

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answers from Washington DC on

well i know after i had my daughter i went down to my previous weight within 2 months, i breast fed. brest feeding doesn't just have benefits for the baby but you too. i would also recommend trying situps and squats.

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answers from Detroit on

I have 6 kids and i have been working on my weight n belly n right now i feel my belly is bigger but i am loosing all over. so this is what i suggest go get the 17 day diet book n follow it to a T i have been on it for two months i have lost 12 lbs one reason not more is because of the holidays. but i am determined to loose 45 more lbs by march. I walk two miles a day inless i get out if i can get out i walk 4 miles i work out for 40 mins a day every other day i have build myself to 300 sit ups 5 different ways 60 situps. so it equals 300. So just keep at it I do not agree with the respond of before two years ur child will have autism. I don't believe thats true all my kids exceot the last two are 2 years and some months apart due to misscarraiges but the last two are thirteen months apart. n there both healthy n normal. we wasn't planning the 6th god blesses us we was done at 5. So its all up to u. But if u get the book i suggest you will find out that hormones and your libido are more active when you are working out n dieting. to be honest i don't see why you can do this 17 day diet while being pregnant just need to eat more and walk. Good luck!!

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