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Updated on May 08, 2008
J.Z. asks from Madison, WI
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I just found out that I am pregnant after only two tries and I'm really excited to tell my four year old because she has wanted to be a big sister since I can remember. However, my partner and I are getting married in one month and I'm wondering if kids get stressed about that big of an event as adults do. I think she would be excited to hear the news, but do you think we should wait to tell her until after the wedding?

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I'm not a big fan of hiding stuff from daughter. My daughter is 6 and I'm 14weeks pregnant and she was one of the first people I told. It gives her as much time as possible to get used to the idea. My daughter has had a chance to go through alot of different emotions already and now is in the "happy a tee bit jealous stage" I'm involving her in everything that I can and making her a part of this. <y daughter is about to have alot of major life changes like my fiance moving in, a new baby etc... She's never had to share her mommy with anyone before it's been just the two of us for years.



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I wouldn't want to tell my child before the wedding because it's giving my child the message that you can have a baby before marriage and that's not how I want to bring my child up. It's also a stressful time. I would just wait a month or two after the wedding to tell her. It will appear to be correct (baby after marriage) until she pieces the dates together when she's much, much older and less impressionable.

Also, congrats on your big day coming up and best wishes for you all as you welcome your baby into the world.


answers from Milwaukee on

Kids like to tell people things, whether you want it to be shared at that time or not... which I am sure you already know. So if you don't mind your darling daughter, who will be excited about it since she wants to be a big sis, sharing your news with every one at the wedding then I would wait till after the wedding.

Is your daughter excited about the wedding or stress/worried about that change? If she is excited about the wedding then I see no reason why you shouldn't tell her (unless you decide you don't want her sharing her joy of a new baby with everyone at the wedding).

If she is a little rattled, stressed or unsure about the new changes with the wedding I would wait till after so she takes one thing in at a time and gets use to that change first.

Hope you come to the answer that will fit your situation. Best wishes with the wedding and congrats on the new addition to your family.



answers from Minneapolis on

I guess I would say it depends. Do you care if she lets it "slip" to your wedding guests? I would wait to tell her if you still want to keep it private for now.

I don't really think kids get stressed over weddings, but she may pick up on your stress and that could affect er.

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