Gettin a Bit Nervous.

Updated on December 19, 2009
C.R. asks from Alamogordo, NM
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Soo out of the 'normal' signs of pregnancy, I have:
Backaches, Exhaustion or feeling sleepy, Food cravings, Headaches, Lower abdominal cramps, increased sex drive, Nausea, & break outs.

I am really hoping to not be pregnant, due to the increased risk of miscarriage right after having Mirena IUD removed. (Which was December 6th)

Also, I usually have to wear a pantiliner everyday due to high level ofCM, but I havent the past few days, because it has been thicker, and like a light-white/ish color..

Hmm... Well I was due to ovulate on the 10th, should I wait to test when my period is due (the 27th-Jan 4th)?


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answers from Flagstaff on

These sound more like ovulation symptoms rather than pregnancy symptoms. Yes, you should wait to test. The tests are so unreliable early on.

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answers from Phoenix on

You should be able to get a positive pregnancy test 13-14 days post-ovulation, which would put it around December 23-24. Blood tests, if you care to go in to your doctor, can be done earlier.

CM quality isn't usually a reliable indicator of pregnancy.

Good luck! I got a positive pregnancy test on Christmas Day last year, and it's a great Christmas gift! :) Blessings!

*** Later note: After reading some responses here, I wanted to add some notes:

- Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you'll get a positive home pregnancy test - the levels of hormone have to rise to a certain level. HPTs aren't usually accurate until two weeks or thereabouts after conception.

- It IS possible to have pregnancy symptoms before the 4 week mark or before a positive test is obtainable. I had full-on nausea and heartburn starting at week 3.

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answers from Flagstaff on

It would be a little early for most of those symptoms if you are only a week pregnant. Since pregnancy tests are expensive, you could go to a planned parenthood type place and get a free one, but it might be too early for it to tell. The only way to tell this early for sure is a blood test. Sometimes if we think we're pregnant, we'll start displaying sypmtoms even if we're not.. Psychosomatic. Good luck!



answers from Phoenix on

The test won't be correct until your missed period or after (you can get a false-negative earlier on). If it's negative and you're still not menstruating, take it again in a week or so.

For me, these were normal signs of pregnancy: Exhaustion or feeling sleepy, Food cravings,increased sex drive, Nausea. But also normal feelings of PMS. Hmmmm.....

Take care!



answers from Minneapolis on

I feel like your symptoms are likely more a sign of PMS than pregnancy. Based on my experience pregnancy symptoms don't really start until about the four to six week mark. Perhaps a little breast tenderness might be a possible sign before that but not full on nausea, food cravings, sleepiness or anything with me.

I wasn't aware recent removal of the IUD could interfere with a normal pregnancy. I believe a friend got pregnant just a couple of weeks after having hers removed. She has a healthy baby boy to show for it, so hope things go well for you!



answers from Phoenix on

If you're worried about it, I would take a test ASAP. You may need to retest later but that's one reason tests come in a 2- pack. At least you would know instead of worrying about it. BTW- I conceived within 6 weeks of removing my Mirena and we had a normal, healthy pregnancy.

Good luck!



answers from Santa Fe on

Hi C.,
I just wanted to share that conceiving after having an IUD pulled does not always mean miscarriage. My daughter was literally conceived the day after my IUD was pulled (husband went out of town for 2 weeks the day after that so our dates were good!) and I was also SOO worried because we didn't mean to get pregnant so fast. I now have a gorgeous and very healthy 1 year old girl to show for it :) Good luck to you either way and Happy Holidays!



answers from Phoenix on

If you're truly having pregnancy symptoms, you'll get a positive pregnancy test if you are pregnant (it's all due to hormones). Honestly though, the symptoms you're experiencing are due to Progesterone, which is something your body amps up with before your period also. Who knows. Test, it'll at least make you feel better knowing.

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