Gestational Diabetes at 18 Weeks

Updated on September 19, 2009
R.F. asks from Tecumseh, MI
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I am 18 weeks pregnant and found out today that I have gestational diabetes. I have a 2.5 year old, and when he was 6 months old I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, which has been controlled with diet and exercise. However, it hasn't become an issue, and although I knew I was at higher risk for developing gestational diabetes with this baby I haven't really monitored my diet all that well. I have tried to eat healthier, but haven't been overly concerned when I ate sugary foods or ate too much. Now I am just devastated that I may have harmed this baby, after reading and researching and finding out that high blood sugar levels during the 1st trimester can often lead to birth defects. I have also been on antibiotics 3 times for sinus infections since I got pregnant, an inhaler and nasal spray for allergies and asthma, and accidentally stabbed myself with my sons epi-pen when I was 6 weeks pregnant. I'm starting to feel very depressed, how can my baby possibly come out with something wrong??? I'm wondering if anyone else out there has dealt with gestational diabetes, or pre-diabetes, and what the outcomes were...

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answers from Detroit on

R. ~
Even though you have been less controlled with your diet, have you been checking your glucose levels once in awhile? We see more problems with women who's levels are out of control during the whole pregnancy. And to do damage to the baby, I think your sugar has to be really out of control. If they've mostly been just borderline, the baby should be just fine.

Antibiotics are fine during pregnancy....the doctors know which ones you can take during what part of your pregnancy, so don't worry about those. Alot of sinus medications are safe throughout the pregnancy (check with your doctor, he'll know which ones). I know sudafed is ok.

We often have women come in that are diabetic...some diet controlled, some on insulin. For the most part, the babies do just fine. They tend to be bigger than average, so don't be surprised if they estimate 9 lbs or even more. We also monitor the baby's blood sugar during the 1st 24 hours of life. If you plan on breast-feeding, you may need to supplement a little bit...they sometimes have a hard time maintaining a normal blood sugar level. Your elevated blood sugar crosses the placenta, but your insulin does the baby creates its own insulin supply. After delivery, the sugar source is gone, but the baby still has increased insulin they sometimes crash. That's why we check often during the 1st day. We don't want to sabbotage breast feeding attempts, just add a little bit of formula after nursing if the sugar levels are running low. (the other alternative is that the baby goes to the special care nursery, gets an IV, and is fed formula with a regular nipple.)
Most often, everything is just fine :)
sometimes they get the IV because feeding isn't enough for them. We never know until we see how the baby is reacting.

Also, regular untrasounds should be able to pick up if something is developing wrong. They may reccomment you see a perinatologist....a specialist in pregnancy issues.

good luck! stop can't go backwards, so don't beat yourself up!


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answers from Detroit on

R. you said you haven't monitored your diet well. So it makes sense to eat healthy, right? I had gestation diabetes with my first pregnancy and my son is healthy, smart and athletic.

Get back to eating healthy, including a good source of protein (I am sure you know how important that is), and drink pure water (ie Reverse Osmosis, distilled, etc).

Also, if you are open to natural methods as it sounds like your immune system is a little weak use a probiotic. This is not a vitamin or an herb it is just good bacteria. This will help you and the baby. If you would like to discuss this or want more information, I welcome your call at ###-###-####.

One last note...I don't know if you are a religious person, but I find praying really helps.

Many blessings,




answers from Lansing on

I had gestational diabetes with all 3 of my babies. I just had to change my diet with the first 2, with my last one I had to take some medicine because the diet wasn't working to keep the numbers down.
All of my kids were perfect when they came out, they were just on the big side. 2 were over 8 lbs and 1 was over 9 lbs. I am sure everything will be fine, just check with your doctor if you have any concerns. At least they checked early and didn't wait until 28 weeks which is the normal time to find out. It means you can be working on controlling the diet for an addtl 10 weeks.
Good Luck.



answers from Detroit on

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when I was in my first trimester. I had to test my sugars 4 times a day. I was able to control the diabetes with diet and the help of a nutritionist for a few weeks, but ended up having to take insulin shots for the last 20+ weeks of the pregnancy. Nothing happened to the baby. He was born healthy and was a good baby. He was big 9lbs. 8oz. but his sugars and everything were fine. He is now 20 months old and is just perfect. he is still heavy but he is a big eater. Talk to you doctor about your concerns, and he should be able to ease some of your frears. Good luck!!



answers from Detroit on

I am a diabetic, have been since Feb 2006, I became pregnant in December of 2006. When I was a month pregnant I had to go on insulin due to the fact that my fasting blood glucouse below 90. As soon as I delievered I no longer had to take the insulin. Before becoming pregnant I was on a sugar blocker to help maintain normal glucose levels. When I was on insulin for my pregnancy my glucose levels were more controlled. When they did the glucose levels on my daughter the first day of life they were so good that the pedictrican told me that he has never seen a newborn's blood glucose levels that good with a diabetic Mom before.

When you want something sweet, eat ice cream made with splenda (Edy's make one so does Breyer's) or have some sugar free cookies made by Murray's. Eat fresh fruit, but stay away from watermelon (high in sugar). I found that eating cottage cheese once a day helped keep my blood glucose levels normal.

Best of Luck to you R..



answers from Detroit on

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes almost two years ago. I have been very successful at controlling it naturally (without meds). I eat low-glycemic (in fact, I teach people how now!) and take a dietary supplement to support my use of insulin in my body. My A1C went from a 10.9 to a 6.0 (5.9 is normal) and has stayed there. If I can help, let me know!

Sorry ~ I can't speak of the baby. My son was adopted from Russia 10 years ago last February.




answers from Detroit on

With my 3rd, I was told that they thought I had it at 11 weeks. I was too sick (nausea) to handle the 3 hour test to confirm, so they set me up with the tools I needed (monitor, etc.) to treat myself as if I had it until I could get through the 3 hour test later in my pregnancy. I tested my blood 4 times a day/recorded it/etc.
One thing I read online about high/low blood sugar levels/diabetes from a natural perspective (I am always trying to find natural remedies) was apple cider vinegar. I know it sounds crazy, but if you google it, you will see that they suggest taking 1-2 teaspoons (diluted) in water with every meal and it is supposed to help regulate your levels. Well, all I know is that at 28 weeks when I did the 3 hour test...the doctor asked me if I "even drank the stuff" because he had never seen such nomal levels in anyone after that test. Well whether I had the gestational diabetes in the first place or not, i know that the apple cider vinegar had kept my levels really low...especially because all I could stomach was carbs the whole pregnancy!
To this day, I still take it once in a while because it also gives me energy and helps too when I eat certain food that are tough on my tummy (ice cream, etc.).
The only catch is that it should be a pure unfiltered (preferably organic) variety. There is Braggs, Trader Joes or Whole Foods "365" store brand. The sweetest/mildest is the 365 brand but Trader Joes is a good second choice 9Braggs is too harsh for me). Google apple cider vinegar and I think it will tell you to take it before a meal.
By the way, I had to be on a lot of different meds with my first pregnancy, and my son was very healthy. I think that prayer is probably the best insurance for that :)
God bless.



answers from Jackson on

I have PCOS which is insulin resistance which can also be called pre-diabetes.

I have had 3 babies and am pregnant with my 4th. All 4 pregnancies have been gestational diabetes pregnancies.

In order for baby to have birth defects your blood sugar would have to have been consistently in the 200+ range.

Eat well, excercise (a brisk 30-60 minute walk daily is good for you and for keeping your blood sugar down!)

Don't be and baby are going to be just fine.



answers from Kalamazoo on

Don't overly concern yourself. I just had a 6 lb. 11 oz. daughter with GD. I was insulin dependent, but I stayed on top of it. Get your eating, exercise and medication going and stick with it, you should be FINE! My biggest fears were having to be induced, but she came a week early so everything went great!

The biggest problems with GD are when people don't take it seriously and keep their blood sugar under control. At this early in the pregnancy you've got lots of time to get it together and I'm sure you'll do great! Best wishes!

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