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Updated on June 12, 2011
M.E. asks from Drexel Hill, PA
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i was diagnosed with gestational diabetes this week. I'm pregnant with my second child. I'm just worried that I will have diabetes after pregnancy. Is there anyone out there who was diagnosed with this with pregancy and still have it after pregnancy?

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answers from Atlanta on

I did not have gestational diabetes, but after 6 months post partum I was diagnosed with Type1 diabetes. My daughter is now 9 and I am on an insulin pump.

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answers from New York on

I knew in my early teens that my changes of developing diabetes later in life was about 90% (family history, my medical issues)

I was diagnosed with GD my 1st pregnancy. None with my 2nd pregnancy, although I followed the diet as a precaution (it's a great diet/routine for any preganancy). When my 2nd was 12 I was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes.

It is very rare that you will have diabetes after your pregnancy. However, there is a greater chance that you will develope it later in life. It's really nothing to worry about.

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answers from St. Louis on

had GD with 4th pregnancy. Was all-clear for the next 12 years. Am borderline now.

BUT: I have PCOS which is an umbrella term for a whole bucket list of endrocine/hormonal issues....including thyroid, diabetes, & reproductive problems. Because of the PCOS & my family history, I am at high-risk for diabetes.

I'd recommend watching your diet. Eliminate as much sugar as possible & enjoy life! Good luck with your pregnancy!

Oh, Oh, Oh: get a referral to a nutritionist/dietician! What I learned has followed me thru all of these years & has been sooooo beneficial to me....



answers from Chicago on

Having gestational diabetes does not guarantee that you will have type 2 after pregnancy, but it does increase your risk. Maintaining a healthy weight during and after pregnancy will be key to your effort in avoiding type 2. Get a referral to a dietitian who can help you to develop a balanced diet that you can adopt for the rest of your life. Diabetes does NOT mean that you can't have carbs or sugars ever again! You don't need to follow a low carb diet, you just need to learn which foods contain carbs and space them out throughout the day so that your body can process them more easily. Of course it's always better to eat the good carbs (whole grains, fruits), but you can learn how to indulge in a piece of birthday cake without completely undoing your day. Exercise is also important, so talk to your doctor about what you can do during pregnancy and then once the baby comes you can up your intensity if needed. A diabetic diet is really the way all of us should be eating in the first place. If you've ever followed weight watchers, you should find it a simple transition. But in general, it's just a good, common sense type of eating. You'll do fine, and there are TONS of resources available to you.

To answer your specific question, my SIL had it with her 2nd and has recently been diagnosed as borderline. My mom had it with my sister, and she is now type 2, diagnosed about 10 years after the gestational diabetes. BUT, neither one of them listened and worked on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.


answers from Chicago on

I had it with my third pregnancy. I had the follow up test done 6 weeks after having the baby and my blood sugar was still high. I followed up with my pcp about 2 months later and at that point, I was just considered borderline. I was advised to lose 25-30 lbs. I'm hoping it will go away, but I do have a strong history of type 2 diabetes in my family.


answers from Dallas on

Everyone I know of who has had GD does not have it continue after pregnancy, BUT according to my care provider, there is a 50% chance of developing diabetes within five years if you've had it during pregnancy. I haven't looked that up myself, though.

I had GD when prego. I was shocked because I eat healthier than almost everyone I know. I don't even use sugar, only drink water, and try to eat things made from scratch (not white flours either). I am at a healthy weight (almost 5 ft 4 in and usually weigh a little under 120 lbs). But my blood sugar test showed 207 after one hour. I had not eaten any sugar for days before. But it would explain why my son was 10 lbs 11 oz! I hadn't taken the test with him, but I did with my following pregnancy. I was able to control it very easily with diet.

You do have control in this. Eat healthy. Eat lots of protein and HEALTHY carbs (lots of veggies, salads, etc). Be careful of breads, potatoes, and them in moderation as they really shoot up the blood sugar levels (even wheat breads). If you are overweight, try to get yourself to a healthy weight. Exercise (even just going on walks) does a lot of good.

My sister has a similar story. Only difference is she is very overweight. Her baby was 10 lbs 6oz. She does not eat healthy AT ALL. She doesn't exercise or even walk much. She has diabetes now and is not doing a good job keeping it under control at all.

You have the power, and right now, you have time on your side. Monitor your diet. Look up the Brewer Diet. I've heard good things about that. Learn about portion control (like how much protein and carbs and stuff in comparison to each other) that you should be getting. Protein won't mess with your blood sugar like carbs do (excluding veggies, which are great to eat). So, it's always safe to eat protein.

Also, if you haven't watched "Fat Head" (nice name, eh?!), you might want to watch it. It is on instant watch from Netflix. It has REALLY good info on blood sugar. It's also entertaining:-) I learned a lot from that.

good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

I had gestational diabetes. It will go away after you deliver the baby. You do have a greater chance of getting diabetes later on though. Gestational diabetes is like type 2 diabetes. You need to watch what eat and exercise now and after the baby comes. The ob/gyn will send you to a nutrionist and you will have to test your blood sugars about four times a day. If it is not too bad you should not have to do any insulin shots. What the carbs you eat like pasta,breads and rice the white ones. Your age,race and weight are all contributing factors of gestational diabetes. I actually lost weight when I was pregnant with my son. Watch what you eat and take care of yourself and the baby. If you have any other questions let me know. Take care.



answers from Chicago on

I had GD with my first but not with my second. After delivery, I've been problem-free and not even close to having diabetes (although, more likely because I eat every 2-3 hours, avoid simple sugars and go for complex carbs, and exercise regularly - all things that keep diabetes at bay).



answers from Harrisburg on

I had GD with both pregnancies. Kids are now 14 & 11 and I have not had any further problems. However, I know if does put you in a higher risk group as you age.



answers from Pittsburgh on

with my second child I was border-line diabetic. Wiith my third child I had gestational diabeties. Howeve I currently don't have diabeties but I am border-line again. so I do have to watch my diet and excerise. Also diabeties runs in my family. Only adice I have is to watch diet, exercise, and keep sugar in check.



answers from St. Louis on

You are at higher risk of developing diabetes later on in life, but how well it is controlled during pregnancy, family history and diet and exercise will help. depending on these factors, the risk is between 5-15%. You should take another sugar test after delivery, about 5-6 weeks postpartum.


answers from Dallas on

I had GD with my second pregnancy 7 years ago, and was able to manage the GD with diet during my pregnancy. There is no diabetes in my family, and we are all very thin people. Aside from the GD, I am very low risk for developing diabetes, and so far I have not. Hopefully you won't have any issues with diabetes after your pregnancy either.

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