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Updated on August 10, 2007
A. asks from Homewood, IL
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I am 31 weeks with my 4th child. I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes and have to check my blood sugars 6 times a day. I was just wondering if anyone had good websites to visit for recipe ideas, general food options, etc. My family and I are not fish eaters. I am looking into ways to feed everyone the same meal because I do not want to become a short order cook. Thank you for your input.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your information. Even with a total diet change, I am giving myself 5 insulin shots a day along with taking my blood sugars 6 times a day. My due date has been pushed up 3 1/2 weeks due to the baby's size. Hopefully with all the changes I have made (thanks to your suggestions of websites and who to talk to) I won't have to continue this after the baby is born. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!

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Had GD myself. I don't like fish either. I ate a ton of chicken! You can put it on the grill and instead of using bbq sauce, use a rub. If you want hamburgers cut it up, don't use the bun. I ate many things without the bun or bread. If you go out to eat, get veggies as a side instead of a potato or fries. The thing that helped me was to eat a salad before lunch and dinner.
I ate cheese as a snack and I believe that it is Ensure that makes these pregnant M. bars. They are pretty good and low in carbs and sugars. They came in a couple of different flavors.

I do agree that you should go and see a nutritionist. When I was diagnosed I was sent to a class to learn what and how to eat.

Also exercising keeps the sugars low. I cant imagine you have too much time to, but I walked for 15-20 minutes 2 times a day.
Right after a meal is best.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me.

Good Luck!



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I had GD with my third, and I would agree with the others, a nutritionist is your best bet. My doctors referred me to the diabetes center at the hospital that I delivered at, and they set up appointments with the diabetes nurse, and a nutritionist. She gave me a meal plan that I could follow, and I was able to easily control the GD. I found that pasta or noodles, more than anything, raised my sugars, and that eliminating that made it easier too. Also, we aren't fish eaters and I was able to make the same things for my husband and big kids and feed everyone. It's more about portion control, and eating regularly.There are websites for diabetics, but I had a hard time finding anything that was specifically for GD.

As far as getting diagnosed late - my doctors don't even do the 1 hour until 28 weeks, and then you have to fail that, take the 3 hour and fail before you get diagnosed. Then to get the monitor and stuff, I wasn't even testing until 32 weeks or so. I think that every doctor does it differently.

Anyway, good luck, and feel free to email me with questions!



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I would highly recommend setting up a meeting with a nutritionist to get you through the last 9 weeks w/this. It was more helpful to get meal options etc. from the nutritionist than any website provided.

Good Luck!



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I had GD with both my pregnancies. I went to see a nutritionist with the first one, as my doctor recommended, but I did not find it useful. I don't like making special meals, buying special ingridients etc. With both pregnancies I just ate normal, ate the same things as my husband and son, I just stayed away from sweets and some fruits that are high sugar (like pineapple, watermelon) and tried to limit carbs.
There is a free web site, where you can find nutritional info, including sugar amounts for different kinds of foods.



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I am surprised your Dr. did not give you a diet plan. I had GD with my second child. My Dr. gave me a diet plan (the bullseye diet??) and it was easy to follow and tasty too. Plus I actually lost weight while eating more than I ever had in my life. It alos kept my GD at bay and I had no problems and a normal size baby.

Good luck.

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