Gerber 1St Foods and 2Nd Foods

Updated on November 25, 2010
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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Whats the difference between gerber 1st foods and 2nd foods? I started my son with carrots as his first vegetable and by mistake I gave him 2nd foods carrot for 3 days. He pooped fine for 3 days. I gave oatmeal (he had rice cereal and otameal already before veggies and did fine with both) the fourth day. He didn't eat much but got conspitated for 2 days. He pooped yesterday after I gave him gerber prunes. Only when I went to buy the prunes did I see carrots as both 1st foods and second foods and am feeling bad I didn't know this earlier.I see same ingredients , so my son should be fine right? He did half the container first 2 days and 3/4 th of it on the third day.

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answers from Tulsa on

1st foods are one flavored food, extra runny, bland, and very smooth. Usually stage 1 can be given through an Infant Feeder, looks like a small bottle but only used for baby food.

2nd stage is usually thicker, has more flavor, more fiber to it due to less straining perhaps, and they usually have a lot more variety of flavors, they start adding meats, and can be a blend of more than one food, such as bananas and pears.

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answers from Chicago on

make your own food. easier and cheaper.

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answers from Bellingham on

There's no differerance. They are the same except bigger. And "2nd foods" has more variety. That's all.



answers from Kansas City on

Yes, I agree I think they are the same. Don't feel bad, those 1, 2, 3 foods are kind of confusing, I think! Just go with it!



answers from Omaha on

To my knowlege, nothing is different other than the size of the container. Our pediatrician said the same thing. She always bought the 2nd foods containers but you actually get more food for your money.

The consistancy of the food is the same until you get to the 3rd foods. Then they start adding chunks for older babies.



answers from Detroit on

1st food are exactly the same as 2nd foods just a bit thinner consistencey.. rice cereal is constipating.. my son couldnt have reice cereal .. he did fine on oatmeal.

remember.. all of baby's nutrition for the first year comes from formula or breastmilk.. baby food is just practice for eating later.. so it really doesnt matter what you feed the baby when.. by the time he is 12-15 months old he will eat most table foods and do fine..

dont worry.


answers from Dallas on

1st foods: given at 3months, more refined easier for baby digestion.
2nd food: given at 6months, a bit more texture.
3rd food: start at 9 months, more chucky,thick for the experienced eater that chews.

No worries, your son will be just fine. After 6 months if your child is still eating some 1st foods along with 2nd foods it's okay. Even if your child gets older but still has some baby food favorites there is no harm in allowing your child to eat it. My youngest will be 2yrs old in January and loves to eat a variety of things from baked Salmon to Gumbo, but she still enjoys Beech Nut Turkey 1st foods and Gerber's 2nd Food Harvest Vegetables with Mixed Grains, every now and then. So I keep a few on hand; makes for quick consumption. Plus, neither of my kids would eat baby food unless it was seasoned; guess they got use to spicyfood from the womb.

You are doing a wonderful job.


answers from Minneapolis on

Nothing but the size. Many people skip right to size #2's. I do home childcare and almost never would buy number 1's. Now I make all my own baby food..super easy and I am usually making it for 2 babies at a time (currently care for a 4 mos old and a 5 mos old...along with others).

No problems!


answers from Huntsville on

Rice cereal is going to stop him up, try oatmeal or multi-grain when you think he is ready. It wont stop him up as much...i try to alternate so that my little one doesn't get all clogged.

The stage 1 and 2 is really not that much different...I think the stage two might be a little thicker...and more quantity but other than that no biggy. My little one didn't stay on stage 1's very long...after he had tried everything we moved to stage 2 and he did fine!

Great mom keep it up!!!

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