Gentian Violet Infant Thrush

Updated on October 03, 2018
A.S. asks from San Angelo, TX
6 answers

How often did you use it and for how long?
Battling infant oral thrush and nipple thrush😭
Edited to say: this is what was recommended to us by her pediatrician after perscription didn't work. He suggested twice a day for four days, but that seems like a lot! So I was just wondering what worked for others.

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answers from Abilene on

One Of my friends had this. She used it for 4-5 days. What I remember is she said it would stain everything so make sure when you’re nursing to keep everything you don’t want stained covered.

I hope you’re both better real soon. It worked well for her and her daughter. Hang in there sweet momma!!

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answers from New York on

I saw my OBGYN. she gave me a breastfeeding safe script that kicked it out of my nipples and baby showed improvement because it's passed thru the milk in a dose safe for a newborn. Check with your Dr as well as the pedi again

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answers from Boston on

I would talk again to the pediatrician, and if you want an additional opinion, talk to the pharmacy manager. Those people have seen far more cases than any of us have, and will know the hazards (if any) of giving less than the prescribed amount.

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answers from Wausau on

Thrush Rx didn't work for my little one back in the day either. Gentian violet is messy but effective. Twice per day for four days is accurate. It only takes a very tiny amount to 'paint' on via q-tip to baby's mouth and your nipples.

Many people don't know what gentian violet is so I'm adding the info for others - it is a natural dye that is also an anti-fungal. It is applied topically at the site of infection. Ingestion is incidental, it is not dosed or measured like a medication.

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answers from Cincinnati on

Thrush is tough to get rid of. When I dealt with it, Nystatin was ineffective. The medicine just can't stay in the mouth long enough. I used gentian violet. Use cotton swabs to swab baby's mouth and your nipples. Separate swabs, of course. I used disposable nursing pads so I wouldn't stain my bra. It works! Trust your doctor on the frequency and duration. As another mom stated, pharmacists are a great resource for questions, too.


answers from San Francisco on

I would follow the directions on the packaging. I would also call my pediatrician's 24 hour nurse line and ask them if it was safe to use on my baby.

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