General Baby Registry Tips and Opinionos on BPA Free Bottles

Updated on January 26, 2009
K.G. asks from Wrentham, MA
7 answers

My best friend is having her first baby soon. We went together last week to do her baby registry at Babies R Us (I have two little ones, so she wanted my opinion on things). I thought I'd check with all you other moms for your input to pass along to her as well.

What is the one baby product that you love and use the most?

What is the one thing you registered for and never use?

She wants BPA bottles and is really leaning toward glass. Do any of you use glass bottles? What brand? What do you think? She thinks the Born Free has the best reputation (i.e. most advertising) but are awfully expensive. Do any of you use these? What do you think?

Thanks for your thoughts and opinions. My friend will be very appreciative!

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answers from Boston on

Two absolute must-haves for me: the kiddopotamus "Swaddle me" adjustable infant wrap. I kept buying more, in larger sizes and season-appropriate materials as my daughter grew. Absolutely invaluable for the first 6 months, and the only thing that would help my daughter sleep for long stretches at night! Second thing, the fisher-price "healthy care deluxe" booster seat. It's not expensive (about $25) and is absolutely amazing. I didn't register for it, but got it and LOVE it. The trays come off and are dishwasher-safe, it adjusts for height, fits on ANY chair (which is nice when you are visiting people). I have also used it on the floor to keep my daughter contained or for snacks while travelling (similar to the function of a Bumbo but safer). SO many uses and it is so lightweight, portable, washable, all of that. HIGHLY recommended, and she can get years of use out of it.
As for things that are not useful, for me the swing- but I think kids either love 'em or hate 'em and you never know. Also, the crib mobile. Useless, really.
Happy gathering!!



answers from Boston on

I registered for the Bumbo seat and when my son was old enough to use it he was then able to get out of it. I found him laying on the floor next to it! there was a semi-recall on it anyway last year because kids were getting out of it.I would NOT recommend that.
I loved the miracle blanket that wrapped my little guy up tight like a mummy because he was a big time swaddler.
Go for the BPA free bottles or glass. It's worth it!



answers from Providence on

One of my favorite items is my Graco Infant Snug Ride Car Seat which I often use in the house and bring my baby with me from room to room..when I'm folding laundry, etc. I also received a Snap 'N Go Frame stroller that is universal so any brand car seat can fit in it. It's very easy to use and it's lightweight. For walks in my neighborhood (in the suburbs with no sidewalks) I use my Graco Quattro Deluxe G Galore Travel System because it's much sturdier and more comfortable for the baby.

Initially I used the 4 ounce glass bottles by Even Flo.. but I found that the baby had too much gas. My mother in law suggested that I try the Playtex Drop In system because the liner collapses as the baby drinks the formula so there is less/no air in the bottle...the bottles are plastic but the liners are BPA Playtex is coming out with BPA free bottles.. I've also heard that Dr. Brown bottles are very good. Vent Advanced Aire system is similar with the bent bottle.

I used the Swaddle Me blanket by Kiddopotamus for night time and that seemed to calm her down..

I also use CVS brand diapers which are very good.. don't leak.. and are the equivalent of Pampers but cost much less...CVS often has a sale.. buy 1 get 1 free, etc. Hope this helps!!



answers from Providence on

The thing that I loved when my son was an infant was the jump-a-roo and excersuacer.
The thing I shouldn't have gotten was the travel system stroller/car seat combo. If I would do it again I would just get a car seat a snap-and-go frame and a Maclaren Volo.
What about Dr. Browns they make BPA free now to, actually most companies do.



answers from Providence on

Good Morning K.,
My husband and I love the Fisher Price Space Saver high chair. Our daughter will be 5 months friday and she's in it all the time, and there are different settings so your friend can change settings as her baby grows. And it's great because we keep it right on our kitchen table and when we eat our meals, our daughter is tight there with us.
Hope that helpped, Sincerely
T. C.



answers from Boston on

Hi, congrats to your friend. Its such a wonderful experience to become a mom. I am a mom of 2 boys (4 1/2 and 3) The best products that i used the most was the Triplepaste diaper rash ointment (it was the only one that worked), One step Ahead has a large sized changing pad protector (on their website its called Clean n Dry changing pad) It was large so when i was out and about it would cover the public changing stations. Things i registered for i never used...wipe warmer, portable bottle warmer or any bottle warmer really. I kept everything room temp so that i didnt have the transition from warm to cold (for instance from Formula to Milk, which can be a challenge when they get older) I never used a sanitizer either. I boiled my bottles and accessories and then used the dishwasher.


answers from Boston on

Definitely go for the BPA-free bottles. They are recommending this for water bottles for adults and high school athletes so I would think infants would be even more susceptible to the toxins in the bottles. Given all the diseases and conditions that today's kids develop, going back to class like our parents and grandparents did makes a lot of sense. You can get them clean, and the baby isn't holding or at risk of dropping a glass bottle! Nipple choice varies a lot by baby so it's tough to guess at that ahead of time.

I think walkers and bouncers have mixed reviews from experts. I don't think wipe warmers are so valuable, and they certainly aren't portable. Be sure she leans toward some products that she'll need when the baby is older, and doesn't load up on stuff for the first few months and then be without - examples are clothes in larger sizes and also the shopping cart cloth liners for when the baby can sit up but you don't want him/her sucking on the last person's germs! I also think a Diaper Genie is fantastic - be sure to sign up for the refills too.

Another really nice item, though not necessarily made just for babies, is a mess bag (often called a lingerie bag) for throwing little items into the washer - great for socks, baby washcloths and other things that either get eaten by the washer or get lost in the dryer inside another item of clothing and not discovered for a while! Hang one of these in the baby's closet or at the side of the changing table, and just pitche the dirties into it, then zip and wash when the bag is half full. Keep a couple on hand - one to fill, one in the wash. I couldn't live without them - great for bras too so they don't get too beat up by the washer and last longer.

Also, I would NOT have your friend indicate any choices on clothes, bibs, towels, etc. - she's going to get a ton of those anyway, because that's what Grandma and Aunt Millie pick out, as well as neighbors who want something small "just to give" but don't take time to check out a registry.

She should absolutely go for a decent stroller and a good carseat, especially things that will grow with the baby. They are expensive but sometimes friends will chip in together. Obviously, she's not leaving the hospital without a carseat. Also, cheap strollers don't last. Washable covers for both are absolutely esssential.

A diaper bag with a good sized changing pad is important - many have cute little pads that are good for the first 2 months, and after that the baby is hanging off - not great in public changing stations.

Any kind of plastic link system that hooks toys to strollers, diaper bags and carseats is great - Discovery Toys had the first really great set, called Boomerings links, but now a lot of companies make them. There are vital - and I STILL use them to hang reusable grocery bags on the front of my grocery cart so the bags are out of the way but I don't forget them. And my kid is in college!!!

Good luck and have fun helping her plan!

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