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Updated on June 07, 2012
J.J. asks from West Mifflin, PA
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Hi Everyone! So I had my gender ultrasound a while back and I was told I was having a girl. That was the only ultrasound I am having with this pregnancy. I am really excited about having a baby girl, but now I am hearing all these stories from people who were told they were having a girl and then found out it was a boy! Has this ever happened to any of you?

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So What Happened?

The Ultrasound was done @ 19 weeks, and she was spread eagle. The Sonographer showed me the three lines that were supposed to be her labia.

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answers from Hartford on

Congrats on the sex ultrasound. Those are fun.

I had three friends that were told they were having boys and ended up with girls at delivery. :-p

We didn't find out with the first. We did with the other two, and both sex scans were correct.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My friend overdid the ultrasounds. Was told every month through ultrasound that her daughter looks good. At birth, it was a boy. LOL She had to repaint the baby's room and find a boy's name...and return all of those clothes and pink things.

We never had any ultrasounds for any reason, so we were surprised. I felt like a kid at Christmas opening a present with all 4 of our babies. We have our baby shower AFTER the baby is born, so everyone gets to meet the baby, hear the birth story ONCE and bring something specific for the baby.

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answers from New York on

Yes, it has happened but probably not in the last 10 years or in the United States.



answers from New York on

My understanding is that it is about the angle and what they see. There are things they can see that are very clear (from the bottom mostly), but if they get a side angle they can be incorrect. Our older daughter was supposed to be a boy. Our younger daughter had about 20 ultrasounds, and during one the person explained about the "MacDonald's logo" that means it is a girl (a boy is a turtle). And yes they use those terms. And it really looks like that.

If they took pictures, or the tech works at your obgyn you could ask or look yourself.


answers from New York on

Back when I was having children they didn't do ultrasounds unless something was suspected to be wrong. My neighbor across the street was having a problem so they did an ultrasound of her. She already had 2 boys and during the ultrasound (concentrating mostly on the head and brain development) they said it looked like she was having another boy but they weren't quite sure. Imagine her shock when she gave birth to a beautiful little girl.



answers from New York on

Yes this happened to my sister twice. Baby #4 was supposed to be a boy and Baby #5 was supposed to be a girl. Baby #4 is a girl and Baby #5 is a boy.

I never wanted to know. I'm in the Jennifer P. camp and philosophy. It comes from having a great grandmother that was a midwife and nanny for infants up to 3 months. Besides I like the surprise.


answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm not sure what the stats are now, but in 2008, over 30% of them were wrong (unless done further along, if the mother had multiple u/s's due to complications). Two of my friends in the last 3yrs were told they were having a girl and had a boy. Good luck!



answers from Washington DC on

Didn't happen to us but to friends. They were firmly told based on ultrasound that the baby was definitely a girl and they were shocked when, at birth, a boy came out. Unless you get amniocentesis done, there is no sure way to know the gender. Try not to get your mind too invested in one gender or the other. And I would not tell everyone "We're having a girl" unless I knew from amnio.



answers from New York on

from what ive heard it depends on how clear the image is, if its the right angle, sometimes if the babys not in the right positiion they just cant tell.. im like 32 weeks now and was told im having a girl.. my baby shower is this weekend and im sure im going to get a ton of pink but id be lying if i said i didnt have the thought in the back of my head like omg what if it turns out its a boy... and im in the same boat u are, as far as i know thats the last ultrasound im having
-my cousin was told 3 times that her baby was a girl, at her baby shower everything was pink and she got a ton of cute things.. her baby BOY is now 9 years old lol .. i called her to tell her i was having a girl and she said hey u never know -it kinda freaked me out but then she was like im just kidding that was 9 years ago do u know how far the technology has developed since then i wouldnt give it a second thought



answers from Seattle on

Nope, in our family and circle of friends all U/S predictions were correct. Both for my sis and me (and that was way back) and for all 4 of my sister's kids as well as my DD. For my sister's son and my DD it was so obvious, even I could see on the grainy pictures that they were obviously a boy/girl respectively.

I think it's rare nowawdays to be off, most likely if they just take a guess while not getting a good look, if the ultrasound is done too early or if the baby's privates are not 100% one way or the other (that is actually more common than many people realize).


answers from Pocatello on

It can happen for sure but it's not very common. It usually happens when you do the ultra sound too early and so the doc thinks it's one sex when really it's other due to the baby not being developed enough. I had a friend who had to get an ultrasound around 14 weeks they told her they could tell it was another boy (she had 3 boys already) then at her 20 week ultrasound it turned out to be a girl! So what they saw between the legs? Who knows? So yeah it can happen but if you got a real clear shot between the legs and had your ultrasound around 19 or 20 weeks along then Congrats! You're having a girl!!!!!!



answers from San Diego on

The quality of the ultrasound machine makes a big difference. Some older machines are more fuzzy and more mistakes were/are made on them. I have definitely seen a difference in quality of ultrasound picts when comparing mine with friends. And I'd ask the ultrasound tech how confident they are when reading it--a "pretty sure" is a lot different from "without a doubt". I'd definitely keep tags on any clothes you aren't using immediately and have a back up name for a boy.



answers from Dallas on

I have herd of it happening both ways. It just depends on how clear the shot was. Was it just a glance? Or was she spread eagle. My oldest was not modest at all and was spread eagle so we could tell for sure what he was without question. There are a lot of factors.



answers from Raleigh on

Yes I know several people who had that happen to in the last 4 years........they were told it was a girl at 16 weeks and at 20 weeks found out it was a boy.
With our 3rd we too were told we were having a girl at 16 weeks(we already had 2 boys) . We waited till 24 weeks and went to one of those 3D places and got a U/S , it was only $100. Yes she was a girl, but I wanted to be sure .



answers from Denver on

Six times and six correct answers! I had my ultrasounds after 24 weeks though so it was pretty obvious.

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